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Facebook’s New ‘Riff’ App Lets You Make Videos With Friends

Facebook on Wednesday denounced an app called Riff that lets users emanate video with friends. It’s kind of like Vine or Instagram, solely brief videos can keep flourishing until they strech “Godfather”-like proportions. First, a user creates a video adult to 20 seconds prolonged and afterwards adds a hashtag to it. Then friends supplement their possess videos to it. “The intensity pool of artistic collaborators can grow exponentially from there, so a brief video can turn an resourceful plan between circles of friends that we can share to Facebook, or anywhere on a internet, during any time,” Josh Miller, plan manager for Riff, wrote in a press release.

The thought reportedly came after a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral. Instead of friends all posting apart videos of themselves removing doused with cold water, they could have simply assimilated a videos together in one prolonged super-cut. It could work for a accumulation of memes, like 10 mins of collaborative footage of people “icing” any other or doing a Harlem Shake. Riff also comes with a fast-forward duty so that friends can zip by comparison video to supplement their own. The app is accessible for iOS and Android.



— Keith Wagstaff

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/facebook-launches-riff-n334176

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