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FACT SHEET: Supporting Travel and Tourism to Grow Our Economy by …

The White House

Office of a Press Secretary

From Washington, DC, to Washington state, any year millions of travelers revisit communities opposite America. Those visits support scarcely 8 million American jobs during thousands of businesses, vast and small, including an estimated 280,000 additional American jobs over a past 5 years. In 2014 alone, general travelers spent an estimated $222 billion in a United States.

Recognizing a endless intensity of a tourism attention – America’s largest services trade – a President launched a National Travel and Tourism Strategy in 2012 with an desirous idea of attracting and welcoming 100 million general visitors annually by a finish of 2021. Three years later, we are on lane to accommodate this idea and in fact have seen a series of general visitors grow from 55 million in 2009 to an estimated 74 million in 2014.

Today, a Department of Commerce (DOC) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are building on a swell done by jointly releasing a new news Supporting Travel and Tourism to Grow Our Economy and Create More Jobs: A National Goal on a International Arrivals Process and Airport-Specific Action Plans that outlines new executive actions that answer a President’s call final open to serve assist and urge a arrivals routine for general travelers to a United States and sets onward airport-specific Action Plans for 17 of a highest-traffic airports opposite a country, accounting for 73.7 percent of all general travelers to a United States.  

Facilitating Smoother Arrivals for All International Travelers to a United States

  • Launching a new National Goal to yield a best-in-class arrivals knowledge to an ever-increasing series of general visitors.

  • Implementing new Action Plans during 17 of a largest airports—accounting for scarcely 3 out of 4 general travelers to a United States—to urge a arrivals routine for general travelers.

  • Announcing $20 million in public-private partnerships ancillary a Airport Action Plans to implement 340 additional programmed pass control kiosks that revoke wait times by adult to 30 percent. 

  • DHS is holding stairs to urge a arrivals routine during all airports, including expelling a need for atmosphere passengers to finish a paper 6059b Customs Declaration form on attainment by a finish of 2016. 

The reserve and confidence of this nation will always come first, though we can and contingency also safeguard that a transport knowledge continues to be welcoming, friendly, and efficient. Today’s announcements build on swell already done by a Administration to support continued expansion in transport and tourism to a U.S.: in 2013 alone, a State Department expelled 9.2 million visas, adult 42 percent given 2010; watchful durations for visas in critical markets like Brazil and China have forsaken from as high as several months to reduction than 5 days on average; and in Nov 2014, a State Department announced a shared agreement with China to boost a length of business and traveller visas expelled to any country’s adults from one year to 10 years, while augmenting tyro visas from one to 5 years. In a 3 months given that announcement, Chinese direct for U.S. visas has grown by some-more than 50 percent compared to a same duration final year.

Launching a New National Goal to Improve a Arrivals Experience for International Travelers to a United States

Today, DHS and DOC expelled a news that responds to a President’s May 2014 Presidential Memorandum job on DOC and DHS to settle a inhabitant idea and airport-specific movement skeleton to raise a arrivals routine for general travelers to a United States. The inhabitant idea and petrify actions during 17 gateway airports will maximize a mercantile grant of transport and tourism while defence a security.

  • National Goal to Improve a Arrivals Experience: Based on endless attention overdo and contention from hundreds of executives and leaders from airlines, airfield authorities, workman representatives, state and internal governments, as good as other private and nonfederal open stakeholders, we have determined a inhabitant idea to “provide a best-in-class general arrivals experience, as compared to a tellurian competitors, to an ever-increasing series of general visitors.” On an ongoing basis, we will consider a routine from a impulse travelers step off a plane, by primary pass inspection, until they collect their bags and exit by final container inspection. 

  • New Task Force with Industry to Build on Progress: To rise a plan to accommodate a new inhabitant goal, a DOC and DHS are substantiating an interagency charge force, co-chaired by a Deputy Secretaries of both agencies, that will precedence a imagination of attention stakeholders to brand a pivotal factors that expostulate a traveler’s notice of a general arrivals knowledge and how it influences a preference to transport to a United States. Over a subsequent 12 months, a charge force will settle quarterly benchmarks and rivet with a extended array of stakeholders, including private zone companies with reputations for value in patron use and by a U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board of a DOC.  

Implementing 17 Airport-Specific Action Plans Developed in Partnership with Industry

The DHS has grown a Action Plans in tighten partnership with airports, airlines and industry. The Action Plans embody poignant stairs to expostulate creation to facilitate and accelerate a entrance process.

  • $20 million in public-private partnerships to implement 340 additional programmed pass control kiosks. Modern touch-screen record allows passengers to indicate their passports and enter their etiquette stipulation information, rather than watchful in line to yield that information to etiquette officials. DHS continues to work with airports to make some-more passengers authorised to use these kiosks, shortening wait times for general arrivals by adult to 30 percent.  

  • Four new videos providing useful information on a attainment processes for both U.S. adults and unfamiliar visitors are accessible online, and for use in airports, consular offices and on aircraft.  These videos are accessible at: http://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/know-before-you-go

Taking Action Now to Modernize a Arrivals Experience during Airports Across a Country

In further to a airport-specific executive actions in any of a 17 Action Plans, DHS is also holding new stairs to update and urge a arrivals knowledge during some-more airports opposite a country.

  • New mobile pass control technology to facilitate and accelerate a entrance routine by permitting authorised travelers to contention their pass information and etiquette stipulation form by a smartphone or inscription before to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspection. Based on a successful commander during a Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, CBP has committed to enhance a module to a 20 airports with a top volumes of general travelers by a finish of 2016. 

Process modernization, including streamlining container control outlet and expelling paper forms. Among many other steps, CBP skeleton to discharge a need for atmosphere passengers to finish a paper 6059b Customs Declaration form on attainment by a finish of 2016.

Article source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/02/13/fact-sheet-supporting-travel-and-tourism-grow-our-economy-improving-arri

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