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Fan who perceived Dolan email wants title, not apology

MIAMI — Irving Bierman, the 72-year-old Knicks fan and email aim of James Dolan, pronounced he doesn’t need an reparation from a Knicks owner, only a pretension soon.

“I’m not looking for an apology, all we wish is alleviation and to win a championship,’’ Bierman told The Post from his Myrtle Beach, S.C., home. “We’re not even competitive. They have not won one in [42] years. You consider they’re going to spin it around in 6 months? Right now they’re sitting on a balls of their behinds.’’

Commissioner Adam Silver told The Post he has motionless not to rebuke Dolan for his infamous email, job him a “consummate New Yorker.”

Dolan hasn’t reached out to Bierman to explain himself or offer an olive branch. Last month, Dolan responded to Bierman’s conflict by accusing him of being an alcoholic, job him “a horrible mess’’ and advising him to base for a Brooklyn Nets instead.

“Haven’t listened from him, a Garden, a Knicks, a Nets — it’s putting their conduct in a silt — digging a hole and hiding,’’ Bierman said. “I was one of a many undone Knicks fans, and he went off a low end.”

His wife, Joan Bierman, pronounced a irony of Dolan accusing him of alcoholism is he doesn’t even drink.

“He won’t even have an occasional potion of wine,’’ she said.

Bierman still skeleton to keep rooting for a club, and not switch allegiances to a Nets, who aren’t formulation on creation a broadside attempt and charity Bierman giveaway Nets rigging and courtside seats. Bierman changed to South Carolina a year ago after vital in Westchester.

“I’m Brooklyn innate and raised, still a Brooklyn Dodger fan from 1955,’’ Bierman said. “I’m still going to base for a Knicks. [Dolan] doesn’t control what we do. I’m not rooting for a Nets.”

For a second true day, Dolan declined comment. In a spate of bad timing, he’s a horde of a All-Star Game on Sunday during a Garden and will go by with his common pivotal vocalization purpose during Friday’s NBA record limit — where new email program substantially won’t be discussed.

Meanwhile, before a Knicks faced a Heat during AmericanAirlines Arena, Carmelo Anthony pronounced it is not correct to respond angrily to fans who demonstrate their beating during a Knicks’ losing ways, though admitted, “We all have those moments.’’

Indeed, he did. Anthony looked bad after an occurrence final season, when he called a discontented fan “glazed donut face ass’’ on Twitter, also indicating he wanted him to base for another team.

“For me, we would never respond, we wouldn’t go down that path,’’ Anthony said.

Then he added, referring to his possess history: “We all have those moments we only wish to get … we feel a certain way, though people are observant things that aren’t a genuine thing. We all have those moments.’’

Last season, Anthony also accursed out a heckler during a diversion opposite a 76ers during a Garden. He pronounced he realizes a significance of a fans, though wants them to know a players are experiencing a same feelings.

“I pronounced this progressing in a year, it’s frustrating for a fans, for me, for us, for a team,’’ Anthony said. “I get a disappointment entrance from a fans … though we’re a ones going by it, too, and we have to understanding with it, too. We have to come to work each day and play tough and stay focused either we’re winning or losing. Yeah, we feel for a fans. They’re a ones who spend a income and one of a reasons we’re means to do what we do. But we wish them to know we’re going by a same thing.’’

Article source: http://nypost.com/2015/02/09/fan-who-received-dolan-email-wants-title-not-apology/

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