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Fashion Mogul André Leon Talley Calls West Family a "First Fashion Family"

West Family

(Photo : Google) The West Family photographed during Parish Fashion Week.

André Leon Tally has created an essay about a West fam bam and it’s fundamentally about Kanye, Kim and North being dubbed as a “First Fashion Family”.

According to a essay that has been published on his website, he pulpy that all 3 of them were a “force of iconic moments” as they were seen out and about Paris during a conform week hold only this month. He combined that Kanye and Kim are “The Nick and Nora Charles” of this era and combined that they are also Liz and Dick Burton.

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Talley afterwards remarkable that Kim K is one of his favorite people and that Kim, Kanye and North are always speckled wearing Givenchy, Margiela, Dries Von Noten and Chanel. He regarded them as a family who always trafficked in character and were never held in a bad light wearing anything that did not make heads turn.

Other people that have sounded off per a West fam’s character are engineer Ralph Lauren and indication Kate Moss giving Kanye a thumbs adult with a peculiarity of his conform sense.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star afterwards took it to Twitter as she posted a summary in anxiety to a article. She said: “Thank we so most for this @OfficialALT !!!!” and combined a couple to a essay on Sunday afternoon.

The 34-year-old star once talked on Australia’s Today Show as she gushed about a conform clarity of her father observant that he really shabby her some-more and that she loves a approach her father dresses. She adds, “He is a good engineer and he gives me extraordinary character tips… we haven’t worked with a stylist in a past dual years!”

The dual have recently been speckled in Paris and both were flash their resources as Kim wore a really low-neck V-line blazer displaying her disruption while Kanye wore a tip that was unbuttoned display his rock-hard abs.

As for North, she has already been featured in magazines and is constantly being followed by a paparazzi as her character becomes some-more and some-more famous to people all over a world. 

Article source: http://www.chinatopix.com/articles/18923/20141027/fashion-mogul-andr%C3%A9-leon-talley-calls-west-family-the-first-fashion-family.htm

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