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Fifty Shades of Grey, Ricky Martin’s Latest Album and Much More in a Latest …

On this week’s special book of Week We Love, Will Marfuggi is here to give we a latest party scoop, as good as a hide look during a newest trends!

Got large skeleton for Valentine’s Day? In a eventuality that you’re carrying a tough time removing a reservation, because not take your date to see Fifty Shades of Grey instead? The film comes out a night before V-Day and stars and approximately one-fifth of a film consists of sex scenes between stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson!

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WWL, Will MarfuggiE!

Ricky Martin has been teasing fans by dropping several hints during a arriving recover of A Quien Quiera Escuchar, his tenth song manuscript (and his initial in 4 years)! The initial singular “Adios” is already out and a song video facilities Ricky in mixed roles!

Just when we suspicion they’d run out of ideas, McDonald’s now has a Big Mac Special Sauce that we will shortly be means to squeeze directly in stores (no some-more ashamed trips by a drive-thru only to get your mini salsa packets!)

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