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Final Jeopardy! contestants all destroy on final question

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Everyone loves trivia. That’s proven by a 32 seasons of “Jeopardy!” But of a hundreds of episodes, all 3 of a contestants choked and mislaid it all in a final turn usually 6 times. Monday night noted a sixth.

Claudia and Mike Drummond, a co-returning champions, were tied during $13,800 going into a Final Jeopardy! round, with visitor Randi Kristensen entrance from behind with $6,000. The final idea read:

“A 1957 eventuality led to a origination of a inhabitant ancestral site in this city, sealed into law by a boss whose library is now there too.”

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All 3 picked a opposite U.S. city (Kristensen wasn’t means to finish essay “Springfield”), and all 3 were wrong. Bummer. What’s even worse, is all 3 gamble all they had, that combined a three-way tie for final place. Triple-fail.

Host Alex Trebek had to lift out his central duties in announcing a startling end of a diversion and informing a contestants and viewers that all 3 players had mislaid and that Tuesday’s diversion would start with 3 new contestants.

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The final time this triple destroy in a final turn happened was during 2013′s Teen Tournament.

And if we were wondering, a eventuality and boss in doubt were a desegregation of schools and Bill Clinton. So a scold answer was indeed “What is Little Rock, Arkansas?”

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