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Finalists named for 2015 SPE Automotive Innovation Awards




The Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Division has comparison finalists for a 2014 Automotive Innovation Awards Competition. Category winners and a grand leader will be announced during a Innovation Awards Gala Nov. 11 in Livonia, Mich.

Nominated tools contingency be on vehicles that are in prolongation during a 2015 calendar year. The endowment goes to a automaker.

The finalists are:


• General Motors Co. for a self-mounted, transparent, frameless breeze deflector on a 2016 Corvette Stingray convertible. Polytec FOHA Inc. reserve a system, that is done with Sabic’s Lexan polycarbonate sheet. Pace Machine Tool Inc. reserve a tooling.

• GM for a interior floormat on a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, that has a second-row interlocking underline for incomparable runner coverage and is injection molded for a improved 3-D fit. Thermoflex Corp. reserve a partial and tooling, regulating thermoplastic elastomer element from Star Thermoplastic Alloys Rubbers Inc.

Body Exterior

• Ford Motor Co. for a button front camera deployment resource on a 2016 Lincoln MKX. Huf North America reserve a system, with materials from Lanxess AG, DuPont Co. and BASF SE. The production comes from Yantai Huf Tools Co. Ltd. and Laundenbach Formtechnik GmbH Co. KG.

• Ford for a push-to-release extraneous tie on a 2015 Mustang. The two-piece, injection molded tie is granted by ITW Deltar Fasteners, a nylon 6/6 element from Ascend Performance Materials LLC, and a production from AP Tool Inc. and MM Tool and Mold LLC.

• GM for a assign pier bezel on a 2016 Chevrolet Volt, that is injection molded regulating a mold-in-color element to give a coming of chrome. ITW Deltar reserve a partial and tooling, regulating MetaLX Hostaform acetal from Celanese Corp.

Body Interior

• Kia Motors for a pile-up pad ornament on a KX3 (China). The two-shot molded partial granted by Hyundai Mobis and Dong Kook Industries Co. Ltd. includes low-cost, 3-D patterns a assignment claims can’t be achieved with normal musical processes. Samsung SDI reserve a lead mold-in-color ABS resin, and Woosung Precision Co. Ltd. reserve a tooling.

• Ford for a compress driver’s side bin on a 2015 Edge. The entirely dampened, spring-aided drawer-style bin uses no screws, automatic fasteners, welding or feverishness staking. Yanfeng USA Automotive Trim Systems Inc. reserve a system, that is injection molded with materials from Celanese Corp., Advanced Composites Inc., Ineos Group Ltd. and Trinseo. Circle 5 Tool Mold Inc. is a toolmaker.

• Ford for a back chair folding conduct patience on a 2015 F-150. Windsor Machine Group and Hawk Plastics Ltd. supply a injection molded part, regulating polypropylene copolymer element from ExxonMobil Chemical Co. and production from IRC Engineering.

• Ford for a active glove box system, hand-wrapped for a 2016 Lincoln MKX. International Automotive Components Group reserve a part, regulating materials from Advanced Composites Inc., Mitsubishi IDK IDC and CGT. Tooling was granted by BB Tooling Inc.

• Ford for a chair back-mounted inscription hilt on a 2016 Taurus. The complement is granted by Lumens High Performance Lighting and Lear Corp., with materials from BASF and DuPont.


• Ford for a CO combination grille opening bolster on a 2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang, regulating brief CO fiber-filled creosote and a resistant make welding fasten process. The partial is granted by a Plastcoat multiplication of Magna International with production by Tycos Tool Die Co. and nylon 6/6 element from BASF.

• Hyundai Motor Co. for a engine room assign wall on a 2015 Genesis. NVH Korea Inc. reserve a injection molded part, with element from Kopla Co. Ltd. and in-house tooling.

• Ford for a doorway insurance device on a 2015 Focus, granted by Witte Automotive, that also reserve a tooling. The injection molded partial uses element from DuPont.

• Audi AG for a potion fiber glue combination curl open on a 2015 A6 Avant 2.0-L TDI Ultra. Hexion Inc. reserve a element and S. Ara Composite S.A.S. is a Tier 1.


• Peugeot SA for a healthy fiber reinforced polypropylene element in a 2013 308. The Tier 1 is Faurecia Interior Systems and a element comes from a corner try Automotive Performance Materials.

• Ford for a Repreve chair fabric done from 100 percent recycled PET used in a 2015 F-150. Johnson Controls Inc. and Sage Automotive Interiors reserve a system, and a fiber comes from Unifi Manufacturing Inc.

• Ford for a underbody aero shields on a 2016 Fusion, done regulating 50 percent recycled PET and able of being recycled. US Farathane Corp. reserve a complement and material.

• Ford for a glass-filled, post-consumer nylon cam cover on a 2015 Nano 2.7L and 3.5L iVCT GTDI. ElringKlinger North America Inc. reserve a complement for a Nano and Bruss North America Inc. for a 3.5L. The element comes from Wellman Advanced Materials.


• GM for a category A physique panels on a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette, regulating TCA Ultra Lite from Continental Structural Plastics, that is also a Tier 1. The tools are opening application molded. The toolmakers are Century Tool Gage and Paragon Die Engineering Co.

• Ford for a CO fiber combination circle on a 2015 Mustang Shelby. Carbon Revolution reserve a creosote send molded partial and tooling.

• Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for a back flare mirror on a 2015 Dodge Challenger. The injection molded partial is granted by Varroc Lighting Systems, regulating polycarbonate creosote from Sabic.


• Honda Motor Co. Ltd. for a exhilarated fuel tip injector on a 2015 Honda Fit and Honda City. The complement is granted by Delphi Powertrain regulating high-temperature nylon from DuPont and production from Coltelleria Baldi.

• Ford for a delivery feverishness exchanger cradle on a 2015 Lincoln MKC CUV. The injection molded complement is granted by A. Raymond Tinnerman regulating element from Sabic and eliminates a need for steel fasteners.

• GM for a outmost atmosphere oil separator for a Chevrolet LT1 Camaro SS and Cadillac LT4 CTS-V, granted by ElringKlinger North America Inc. DuPont reserve a material.

Process/Assembly/Enabling Technologies

• Ford for a in-mold pellet press fastening with corner folding in a 2015 Ford F-150. Faurecia Interior Systems reserve a part, regulating element from Haartz Corp. and production from Frimo Group GmbH.

• GM for a blow molded spoiler public on a 2016 Cadillac ATS V Series. The Tier 1 is Metelix Products Inc., that also reserve a tooling. Trinseo reserve a ABS element for a part.

• Hyundai for a instrument row on a 2014 i20 Supermini. Back-foamed foil, substrate and passenger-side airbag doorway are done in a singular mold. Hyundai Mobis reserve a system, and Hanhwa LC reserve a TPO material.

• Ford for a two-shot resourceful chrome and paint finish panels on a 2016 Explorer, integrating musical facilities into a singular molded part. Summit Polymers Inc. and Lawrence Automotive Interiors Ltd. are a Tier 1 and processor, and a complement uses ABS and PC/ABS materials from Sabic.

• Ford for a doorway trim switch bezel on a 2016 Edge CUV, giving a coming of dual tools in one mold. Yanfeng USA Automotive Trim Systems Inc. reserve a part, regulating element from BASF and production from Michael Tool Mold (Windsor) Ltd.


• Ford for a stretchable sensor joint sonically welded directly to a fascia skin in a 2015 Mustang. The partial is granted by Maclean-Fogg Co. and Ford, with production from Industrial Automation LLC.

• FCA for a mixed-material building rocker bolster on a 2015 Jeep Renegade. The Tier 1 is Proma Group, a processor is Redstamp, and Sabic reserve a material.

• Ford for a uni-directional inertial lockout on a 2016 Lincoln MKC. International Automotive Components Group reserve a system, a processor is West Michigan Molding Inc., with acetal element from Ticona.

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