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First Coast stagnation rate drops next 5 percent for initial time given Apr … – Florida Times

Unemployment rates for a First Coast and Florida fell in Oct compared to Sep as a fibre of monthly certain mercantile indicators keep rolling as a finish of a year approaches.

For a initial time given Apr 2008, a First Coast civil statistical area saw a stagnation rate dump next 5 percent.

Paul Mason, economist with a University of North Florida pronounced a jobless figure fell to 4.9 percent in October, down from 5.1 percent in Sep after anniversary adjustments. That figure represents a total stagnation rates of Duval, St. Johns, Nassau, Clay and Baker counties.

“The disappearing stagnation rate is a certain indicator of stability [economic] growth,” Mason said.

Florida’s jobless figure with anniversary adjustments also decreased, dropping from 5.2 percent in Sep to 5.1 percent in October. That figure is somewhat above a inhabitant stagnation rate, that went from 5.1 percent to 5 percent in October.

Gov. Rick Scott was upbeat about Friday’s mercantile news. In a statement, he gave some credit for pursuit expansion to Jacksonville.

“The Jacksonville area has continued to supplement jobs and a stagnation rate continues to dump since of a priority to cut taxes and variegate a economy,” Scott said.

While a stagnation rate went down on a First Coast, a tangible claims for first-time stagnation advantages increasing somewhat from 2,409 in Sep to 2,504 in October. In addition, a series of workers in a labor force indeed decreased from 720,378in Sep to 714,736 in October.

Mason pronounced first-time stagnation filings and workforce decreases are statistical foibles compared to a stagnation rate.

“Well, it reflects a certain charge in a business cycle. We’re relocating toward reduction unemployment, that is a good thing,” Mason said. “But, as many have cautioned, me included, partial of a reason since a stagnation rate is descending is since people are withdrawal a work force.”

Despite a opposing numbers, Mason pronounced there’s reason for confidence since of a unchanging trend of disappearing stagnation on a First Coast for many of this year.

“If people are withdrawal a workforce and are ancillary themselves outward of a workforce, that’s not as bad as a alternative. … Also, it’s accepted that a poignant apportionment of people withdrawal a workforce are retiring.”

Seasonally practiced stagnation rates for Duval County — a First Coast’s largest civil employer — showed jobless levels sojourn aloft than state and inhabitant rates. Jacksonville had a 5.71 percent jobless figure in Sep and that series forsaken to 5.35 percent in Oct after anniversary adjustments.

Candace Moody, clamp boss of communications during CareerSource Northeast Florida, an practice assistance organization, pronounced a direct for assistance from her group reflects a dwindling jobless figure.

“Demand for a services has left down dramatically and we cruise that a good thing,” Moody said. “I consider there are dual kind of pursuit seekers: One that is confident and knows a pursuit is entrance shortly and a other has poignant hurdles to employment.”

Moody pronounced there will always be some pursuit seekers, those for instance who have a rapist background, whowill always face practice hurdles. But there are several other kinds of pursuit areas that are improving such as retail, use attention and liberality that offer a reasonable entrance into a pursuit market.

“Those are providing first-time jobs for people… during a tallness of a recession, we didn’t even have those jobs,” Moody said.



Other mercantile indicators showed a Consumer Price Index also fell for a First Coast going from 116.84 in Sep to 116.75 in October. Mason pronounced if a CPI continues on a gait for a remaining weeks of 2015, a annual rate of acceleration will boost 1.79 percent.

“Historically, what we’re saying is identical to a final dual or 3 years, during least,” Mason said. “Early in a year, we see some poignant acceleration and afterwards as we pierce toward a finish of a year, some of those cost increases are being given back. So, we’re saying declines in a rate of inflation.”

The CPI is a magnitude of a normal change over time in a prices paid by consumers for a marketplace basket of consumer products and services. Mason’s initial CPI total were collected in Dec 2001, when a rate was 100. The monthly CPI series is a comparison to that rate.

There were usually 4 mercantile categories that saw poignant changes from Sep to October, Mason said. Residential let rates went adult 4.2 percent and alcoholic libation prices increasing 7.3 percent. Meanwhile domicile operation costs fell 8.3 percent and car upkeep and correct prices fell 4.3 percent.

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Article source: http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2015-11-20/story/first-coast-unemployment-rate-drops-below-5-percent-first-time-april

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