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Fisker Automotive gets rebranded [Startup Roundup]


Fisker Automotive will be renamed Elux, according to a new Digital Trends article. Chinese automotive retailer Wanxiang is relaunching a automobile company’s sole product, that will be called a “Elux Karma” and is set to be expelled in mid-2016.

Back when it was Fisker, a association purchased a former General Motors plant in Delaware, that helped Wanxiang’s successful bid for a company.


PNC recently released a informal mercantile foresee for a initial entertain of 2015. The news says Delaware is faring improved than many of a Northeast corridor:

Over a longer run Delaware’s concentrations in financial and professional/business services, a state’s vital plcae along a I-95 mezzanine between Philadelphia and Baltimore, a low cost of doing business for a Northeast, and auspicious business environment, including low taxes, will support growth. An expanding population, interjection to certain net migration, low taxes, and affordable housing, will accelerate direct for medical and consumer industries and support homebuilding, nonetheless a labor force will grow some-more solemnly than a race since of a liquid of retirees. Job expansion will be tighten to a inhabitant normal over a prolonged run, and above normal for a Northeast. Income expansion will loiter behind a U.S., however.


Team Start It Up Delaware — winner of a 2015 Idea Challenge — is scheming to plead its winning thought on WDEL 1150AM during 3 p.m. today. See a story on a eventuality here.


Laura Kraman-Parquet, who we formerly featured, announced a opening date for her tech-savvy gym on Twitter.


VvX Group, LLC recently lifted $635,000, according to a Feb. 23 SEC filing. The Wilmington-based curative association is looking to lift $2.5 million, a filing said.


Article source: https://technical.ly/delaware/2015/02/25/fisker-automotive-gets-rebranded-startup-roundup/

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