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Fisker Automotive reportedly removing a new name

Fisker Karma (Fisker)

You can call it a comeback, only don’t call it a Fisker.

Reuters reports that when a oppulance plug-in hybrid automaker Fisker Automotive earnings underneath new tenure it will be renamed Elux.

China’s Wangxiang Group purchased a resources of a association final year, earnest to relaunch a Karma sedan with and updated drivetrain, as a strange debuted in 2011 and battery-powered automobile record has dramatically softened given then.

Sources contend a Karma indication name will remain, though a cost of a automobile will boost by about 20 percent to $135,000 when it debuts in 2016, after than creatively expected. It’s nonetheless to be dynamic where a automobile will be produced.

The association has not reliable a reports, and TheNewFisker.com website it has been regulating is still active.

Last year Wangzxiang’s billionaire founder, Lu Guanqiu, said he would spend as most income as necessary to attain in a electric automobile business, though it’s different how most has been spent so distant on Fisker/Elux, or accurately how most a Karma will differ from a original.

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/02/23/fisker-automotive-reportedly-getting-new-name/

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