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Five observations from a initial CFP rankings

The initial College Football Playoff rankings are out, so let’s dive in. Here are 5 observations on a initial rankings:

1. One opening between teams is correct, while other rankings gaps make no sense.

Some doubt either Memphis was snubbed during No. 13, though a Tigers are justifiably 5 spots forward of Ole Miss, a organisation they degraded definitively on Oct. 17. But how can a cabinet have 5 spots separating one-loss Notre Dame and one-loss Florida? Both have “good” losses, on a highway to No. 1 Clemson and No. 2 LSU, respectively. But No. 10 Florida positively has a best win between a teams, thumping No. 18 Ole Miss 38-10. Fifth-ranked Notre Dame’s best win was a four-point feat on Saturday during No. 22 Temple.

Speaking of Ole Miss, how are a Rebels usually one mark forward of No. 19 Texas AM, a organisation it pummeled 23-3 on Oct. 24?

The three-spot opening between No. 3 Ohio State and sixth-ranked Baylor is another stumper. If a ubiquitous faith is that both teams miss a signature win, wouldn’t a eye exam be a subsequent factor? Baylor has dominated all of a opponents, while Ohio State usually has looked widespread in new weeks opposite Penn State and Rutgers.

2. The SEC West stays aristocrat in a committee’s eyes.

Playoff breakdown: If a games were today

One-loss Alabama trumped several undefeated teams to land in a tip 4 of a initial College Football Playoff ranking of 2015. How would all a New Year’s Six games demeanour if they were now?

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    The Big 12 will feel depressed after a initial College Football Playoff rankings, though Nov will yield clarity to a league’s playoff picture.

  • A year after a initial rankings contained 3 SEC West teams in a tip four, a cabinet once again showed that multiplication it values above all others. Texas AM suffered convincing waste in uninterrupted weeks to Alabama and Ole Miss. But by including Mississippi State — a organisation whose best wins come from Conference USA (Louisiana Tech and Southern Miss) — a cabinet could clear ranking Texas AM, that kick a Bulldogs on Oct. 4 during Kyle Field.

    Alabama and, to a obtuse extent, LSU advantages from carrying wins opposite questionably ranked Texas AM and Mississippi State.

    3. The altogether schedules aren’t clever adequate to emanate coherence from a committee.

    The initial rankings seemed inconsistent. Some teams benefited from a eye test, while others did not. Some teams got some-more credit for clearly allied wins than others did. It’s irritating though also rather fit when we take a macro perspective of this year’s schedule. LSU is a usually organisation in a tip 20 to record dual wins opposite other top-20 opponents. Seven teams in a Top 25 have played 0 games opposite other Top 25 teams.

    There simply haven’t been adequate good matchups in a initial dual months of a season. While a final dual Saturdays of Oct constructed play and entertainment, it’s singular we see dual slates this late in a deteriorate with so few fascinating matchups.

    To use a cabinet phrase, a organisation didn’t have adequate information points to be as unchanging as it wanted to be with a criteria.

    4. The committee’s uncanny mania with UCLA continues.

    Some of us wondered because UCLA perceived so many adore from a cabinet final year. A two-loss Bruins teams seemed during No. 22 in a initial rankings and rose 11 spots in dual weeks before entering a tip 10 a week later. UCLA had a blowout win during Arizona State though waste to unranked Utah and Oregon, in further to tighten wins opposite Texas, Cal and Colorado.

    Once again, UCLA’s inclusion in a rankings during No. 23 seems odd. The Bruins suffered a home detriment to an Arizona State organisation that competence not make a play diversion and were blown out during Stanford. They have a one-point win opposite a plain BYU team, though their wins opposite Arizona and Cal don’t demeanour good any longer.

    Maybe they usually like doing a eight-clap in a cabinet room. Gets a blood flowing.

    5. It was a tough night for a non-brand-name teams.

    This drives a cabinet nuts, though there’s a apportionment of coaches who trust it leans toward brand-name teams in a rankings. Would Baylor and TCU have been left out final year if they were Texas and Oklahoma?

    Tuesday’s rankings will do small to change that notion. Clemson is a usually non-blue blood in a tip five. Undefeated teams from Baylor, Michigan State, TCU and Iowa — 4 programs many don’t cruise chosen brands — seem behind one-loss Alabama and one-loss Notre Dame. Iowa dejected No. 21 Northwestern, while Notre Dame hardly survived opposite 22nd-ranked Temple; and nonetheless a Irish are 4 spots forward of a No. 9 Hawkeyes. Even Memphis could make a box to be aloft with a win opposite an Ole Miss organisation that kick Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Still, it was a good night for Group of 5 teams, as 4 seemed in a initial rankings, while usually one (No. 23 East Carolina) did a year ago.

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