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Five things we only schooled about PlayStation’s 2016 lineup

Sony’s Paris Games week press discussion was large on promises (and light on recover dates), though there are still some announcements value holding a demeanour at.


No Man’s Sky is only around a corner

We finally have a recover window for No Man’s Sky. The exploration-focused sci-fi game will be nearing on a PlayStation 4 and PCs in June, 2016. That’s still a small deceptive for my liking, though given that we’ve had small some-more than trailers and screenshots to go by for a final few months, some emergence of a recover date is improved than nothing during all.


Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4′s multiplayer beta is nearing soon

Uncharted 4: Thief’s End will be nearing on Mar 18, 2016 — that’s a few months after than a strange tumble 2015 recover date, though a diversion was purportedly behind so developer Naughty Dog could take a bit some-more time to get a finale right. If that’s a bit too prolonged to wait, symbol your calendars: there’ll be a multplayer beta using from Dec 4 to Dec 13, so we can get a ambience of what’s in store.


Screenshot by Nate Ralph/CNET

Gran Turismo creates a PS4 debut

Good news for racing fans: a mythological Gran Turismo array is entrance to a PS4. Dubbed Gran Turismo Sport, it’ll be nearing as a beta in early 2016. Gran Turismo will also be using an eventuality dubbed a FIA Gran Turismo Championships that’ll see players competing to paint their home nation or their favorite automobile manufacturer. The players who win these championships will attend an awards rite hosted by FIA, and accept awards — only like real, veteran drivers. It’s a bit of a quirky gimmick, though should be an engaging eventuality to check out. There’ll also be support for PlayStation VR, if you’d like a some-more immersive take on racing.


Screenshot by Nate Ralph/CNET

PlayStation VR gets a few diversion announcements

There’s still a lot we don’t know about PlayStation VR — there’s been no word of a recover date, or how most it’ll cost to get play in practical existence on a PlayStation 4s. But we did get glimpses of a few new games that should be display adult someday subsequent year. I’ve already mentioned Gran Turismo Sport, that will support PlayStation VR. There’s Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, an arcade-style shooter-on-rails that takes place in a rather horrific thesis park. Crytek also announced Robinson: The Journey — it involves dinosaurs, and a universe to explore. That’s admittedly not most to go on, though dinosaurs are great, so this should be value gripping an eye on.

Quantic Dreams takes us to Detroit

And finally, there’s Detroit. It’s a latest from Quantic Dream, a developers of 2010′s PS3 strike Heavy Rain, and imagines a destiny where Detroit is a industrial core of android manufacturing. One android has turn self-aware and is left to ramble a universe where her kind are treated as second-class citizens. If it’s anything like a predecessors, we’re in for a narrative-heavy, visible treat.

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