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Flakka: Designer Drug Sweeping a Nation, Easily Concealed in E-Cigarettes …

Flakka: Designer Drug Sweeping a Nation, Easily Concealed in E-Cigarettes, Causing Worry for Parents with Teens

By Kimberly M. Aquilina [email protected] | Apr 05, 2015 02:25 AM EDT


A few years ago, fear stories of people underneath a change of bath ipecac flooded a news, like a man in Miami who chewed off another man’s face in a drug-induced zombie-like attack. Suppliers have found new ways to dress a laws that anathema engineer drugs with a drug so new, it hasn’t been criminialized yet: Flakka. Flakka contains a fake amphetamine like a cathinones in other bath salts.


Flakka causes “excited delirium,” according to Dr. Robert Glatter in Forbes, that includes clearly superhuman strength, paranoia, hallucinations, extreme sweating and an contentment of manic energy. CBS News reported that recently, a male high on Flakka in Florida attempted to mangle down a front doorway of a military precinct, another male impaled himself while perplexing to scale a blockade around a military hire and in Lake Worth, a exposed male armed with a gun stood on a rooftop and yelled, “I feel delusional, and I’m hallucinating!”

Flakka comes in a crystalline-form like methamphetamines. Flakka can be swallowed, injected or smoked – ordinarily in an e-cigarette, that creates it easy to fume in open but any suspicion. The effects final 3 to 4 hours, according to Glatter.


The genuine risk comes in how a drug acts as a re-uptake inhibitor of dopamine and norepinephrine, both critical chemicals for haughtiness transmission. Flakka blocks a body’s ability to re-uptake a chemicals, that causes strong levels of dopamine and serotonin in a physique – causing “excited delirium.”

While in a hyperactive state, a user’s physique heat can rouse to 106 degrees Fahrenheit and heading to kidney failure. Flakka can also trigger “anxiety, paranoia, and delusions, heading to a crazy state, characterized by a swell of assault compared increasing strength and detriment of recognition of existence and surroundings,” according to Glatter.


“We’re starting to see a unreasonable of cases of a syndrome referred to as vehement delirium,” Jim Hall, an epidemiologist during a Center for Applied Research on Substance Use and Health Disparities during Nova Southeastern University in Florida, told CBS News. “This is where a physique goes into hyperthermia, generally a heat of 105 degrees. The particular becomes psychotic, they mostly slice off their garments and run out into a travel vigourously and have an adrenaline-like strength and military are called and it takes 4 or 5 officers to curb them. Then once they are restrained, if they don’t accept evident medical courtesy they can die.”

“On a scale of one to 10, Flakka is a 12,” Lt. Dan Zsido of a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office told 10 News Tampa Bay Sarasota. “It comes from a place where we don’t know how it’s being made, who’s creation it, and what’s been combined to it before it reaches a finish user so it’s really dangerous.”

According to Glatter, a U.S Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reports that Flakka cases have left from 0 (in 2010) to 85 cases reported (in 2012) to some-more than 670 (in 2014).

Article source: http://www.hngn.com/articles/82606/20150405/flakka-designer-drug-sweeping-nation-easily-concealed-e-cigarettes-causing.htm

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