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For many Angelenos, ‘Sábado Gigante’ is a family tradition

For many Latinos in Southern California, “Sábado Gigante” was a Saturday staple, bringing together immature and aged for an dusk of laughs, hardly clad women and low-pitched acts.

Even if it wasn’t utterly your thing, it had a feeling of a ritual.

Lucio Roldan, 28, and his family collected around their radio many Saturdays to watch a accumulation show. He was an unashamed fan.

“This was a best show,” Roldan pronounced as he sipped extract during a Long Beach bakery.

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He desired all about a show, including a host, Mario Kreutzberger (better famous as Don Francisco) and El Chacal de la Trompeta, a impression who blows a wail and cuts off bad performers, like in “The Gong Show.”

Others, like Isela Valdez, 40, of La Puente, pronounced they eventually mislaid their adore for a show. 

She pronounced she enjoyed a uncover for special episodes in which  Don Francisco would transport a creation and news behind on opposite cultures.

When a uncover started to concentration roughly exclusively on artists and singers, a sociology vital during Cal State Los Angeles pronounced she stopped watching.

The best physique contests and a risque outfits got to be too much, Valdez pronounced as she sat outward a campus tyro union.

“That machismo is outdated,” she said. “I don’t wish to watch something where they only see women as sex objects.”

On Friday, Univision announced a end of a TV uncover has aired for 53 years and on 3,000 Saturdays. The uncover is a longest-running accumulation uncover in TV history.

The uncover was shown in some-more than 40 countries and drew tens of millions of viewers. In a United States, 2 million — many in Los Angeles, Miami and New York — watched a weekly show.

The final part will atmosphere Sept. 19.

Rosie Vasquez, 71, voiced surprise. 

“‘Sábado Gigante’? Oh my God. What will we do though Don Francisco?” she said.”This universe is going under.”

Others pronounced a uncover had turn outdated.

As he pumped gas into his automobile in Lincoln Heights, Mario Gutierrez, 39, of Boyle Heights pronounced he hadn’t watched “Sábado Gigante” in years.

“I can see because it’s going, it is aged school. we don’t consider it unequivocally catches a eye of a juveniles today,” he said. “It’s a bummer for a elders though.”

Isabel Sanchez, 32, of Echo Park pronounced she was unhappy to see a uncover go. For Sanchez, a uncover was old-fashioned, though it brought her family together on a weekends to share some laughs.

“I’ve been examination it given we was 10,” she said.

Andrea Gomez, 58, pronounced she stopped examination a uncover dual years ago, observant a uncover seemed to be on a loop of a same.  Kreutzberger, she said, needs to step aside and concede others to have a possibility to take over a prime-time spot.

“It got too repetitive, like a monotone,” Gomez said. “I started to feel like we was losing time.”

Los Angeles Times staff author Taylor Goldenstein contributed to this report.

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