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Former Patriot Mike Vrabel Says His Super Bowl Rings Were Stolen

Mike Vrabel is blank some really special effects after a break-in during his home in Texas.

The former Patriots linebacker posted to Twitter on Saturday that someone “smashed [his] behind doorway in” and stole his 3 Super Bowl rings– a rings he won with a Patriots from 2001-04 (Warning: strange Tweet in above couple contains profanity).

Vrabel’s mother after Tweeted that a break-in occured while they were out examination their son’s basketball game.

Vrabel played 8 seasons with a Patriots from 2001-08, recording 48 sacks and 11 interceptions in 125 games and was a pivotal member of a Patriots dynasty that won 3 Super Bowl titles over a 4 year span. He also tallied 12 touchdowns on offense, including one any in a Patriots’ Super Bowl victories over a Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Vrabel’s final year as a actor came in 2010 with a Kansas City Chiefs; he is now in his initial deteriorate as a linebackers manager with a Houston Texans after spending 3 years as an partner during his alma mater Ohio State.

Article source: http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/2014/11/08/former-patriot-mike-vrabel-super-bowl-rings-stolen/abkLa6q6ejLXULsnd6guNL/story.html

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