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Freescale and Alps lure Tier 1 automotive suppliers

Freescale’s dual year tie-up with Alps has yielded 3 automotive-grade mobile information and wireless connectivity modules for telematics and motorist assistance systems (ADAS), formed around Freescale’s i.MX 6 focus processors with ARM Coretex-A9 cores.

The thought is to benefaction automotive OEMs and their tier-one suppliers with processed modules for a standards-based wireless links that are starting to seem in cars.

“For example, in-vehicle Wi-Fi routers increasingly capacitate applications such as approximate perspective video streaming, expostulate recorders and navigation systems,” pronounced Freescale.

There is also in-vehicle intelligent phone connectivity and cloud services for vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-road communication.

Expected in early 2015, a modules support LTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (including 5GHz), and V2X; and over a radios enclosed a striking engine and I/O.

The modules:

  • UMDZ array LTE/3G/2G module
  • UMPZ array 5.9GHz V2X module
  • UGKZ array 5GHz or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module

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