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Fresh from $532.9M win, Smartflash sues Apple again

Shortly after a jury in Texas awarded it US$532.9 million in indemnification in a obvious brawl with Apple, obvious association Smartflash has sued a iPhone builder again, this time to concentration on newer Apple products.

“Apple has expelled new products that came out too late for inclusion in Smartflash’s prior movement opposite Apple,” Smartflash’s profession Bradley W. Caldwell pronounced in an email Thursday.

The association sued Apple and others in May 2013 in a U.S. District Court for a Eastern District of Texas, Tyler division, alleging that iTunes program infringed on 6 of a patents associated to portion and handling entrance to data.

The jury found progressing this week that Apple infringed 3 Smartflash patents in sequence to furnish and sell a renouned iTunes software. It also found a 3 Smartflash patents to be valid. Smartflash had asked for $852 million in damages.

The new lawsuit in a same justice alleges that Apple has infringed Smartflash’s 7 patents in a iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 3, and iPad Air 2 inclination containing any chronicle of iTunes that can entrance a iTunes Store or any chronicle of a App Store app. The additional seventh obvious in this suit, US Patent No. 8,794,516 was awarded to a association in Aug final year.

The censure also purported that Apple infringes Smartflash’s patents, all patrician “Data Storage and Access Systems,” in a inner servers, including those concerned in handling a iTunes Store including App Store, in-application remuneration functionality, calm around iCloud and a iAd promotion platform.

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