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Furious 7 Cast, Including Vin Diesel, Remembers Paul Walker and Talks Sequel …

Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese, Jordana Brewster,  Ludacris, Jason StathamE!

After 13 years, the Fast Furious cast members cruise themselves family and that family reunited for an sparkling though romantic and bittersweet eventuality on Saturday.

Vin DieselMichelle Rodriguez and other stars of a strike movement film series gathered during Universal Studios in Hollywood to entrance the trailer for Furious 7, a seventh and final film in a authorization that Paul Walker had filmed before his shocking death less than one year ago.

At a event, Vin called a late star “a special angel.”

The trailer premiere was hosted by Terrence Jenkins and Maria Menounos and aired on E! and on E! Online’s livestream. Other stars who seemed onstage were Tyrese, who plays Roman Pearce, and Ludacris, who stars as Tej Parker, and Jordana Brewster, who plays Dom’s sister Mia. Dom is a personality of their travel racing crew, that carries out heists. Jason Statham, who plays a new villain, was during a eventuality as well. Cast member Dwayne Johnson, who reprises his purpose as Hobbs, was not present.

Walker died in a automobile collision on Nov. 30, 2013 during age 40. He was survived by a daughter. Before his death, he also shot a movie Brick Mansions, that was expelled this past April.

Walker died in a automobile collision north of Los Angeles on Nov. 30, 2013 during age 40. He was survived by a daughter. Before his death, he also shot a movie Brick Mansions, that was expelled this past April.

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Furious 7 is set for recover on Apr 4, 2015. Check out 5 highlights from the Furious 7 trailer premiere.

1. On traffic with a detriment of Paul Walker—together…

After Walker died, scores of fans as good as Vin and Tyrese flocked to a pile-up site to weep a actor, laying candles and flowers. The former star thanked supporters on a loudspeaker, job Walker his “brother.”

Even when that impulse happened, of us losing a family and Paul, we all have poignant others…or not, we all have a possess evident round of family and friends and desired ones, though they didn’t know Paul a approach we knew Paul,” pronounced Tyrese.

“So if it wasn’t for us assembly up, talking, carrying those conversations…I mean, me and Michelle [were] unresolved for like 4 or 5 days true until we [saw] her grin again,” he added. “I was during Vin’s house, we did all we could presumably do, we know, Jordana was out of city a lot [filming Dallas]…we did whatever we had to do as a family to like, reconstruct any other and have a review that usually we could have, to assistance us to get by that really severe patch.”

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2. On fastening with a Fast Furious family…

In a trailer of Furious 7, Dom states, “I don’t have friends; we got family.”

“When we watch a movie, all a differences of skin tinge and denunciation go out a window,” Vin pronounced during a panel. “All we see is family and that started with a society of Dom and Brian and it has extended to Fast Furious 7, where, when we consider of family, we consider of Fast Furious.”

 ”And it’s touching because, we know, again, we mislaid such a special person, a special angel,” he said. “That was a commencement of that and authorised for us to have this multicultural society and family. 

 Tyrese pronounced a actors’ children famous any other by name.

VIDEO: Vin Diesel honors Paul Walker with touching video on what would have been his 41st birthday

 3. The stars’ reactions to a trailer and a movie…

 ”Cargasm,” Rodriguez said.

“To be honest, we suspicion it was a best trailer I’d ever seen,” Vin said.

The expel members seemed really changed after examination a video of it during a event, while fans who watched it online have voiced their possess unhappiness during saying Walker in movement again. Rodriquez and Brewster hugged on stage, after assimilated by Tyrese.

 4. On (sexy and British) Jason Statham personification a villain…

 Statham plays Ian Shaw, hermit of knave Owen Shaw, who dies in Fast Furious 6. Ian creates his entrance in a form of a cameo in that film.

“He’s incredible,” Vin said. “The volume of work that we did for a third act quarrel sequence, we was only so happy that he was only so gung ho about it and so dedicated.”

“We both walked divided with a lot of injuries,” he added. “Nothing permanent.”

Tyrese, who starred with Statham in a 2008 movie Death Race, joked that Jason is a “bully.”

“When we listened that he’s entrance to a family, it was really an prolongation of a family, so we acquire him to a family,” he said. “Jason is here, you’re gonna feel his appetite and participation in a franchise. He came here to minister his energy.”

Statham also has something in common with many of a franchise’s stars; He’s a sex symbol.

“I consider Jason poured his accent a small complicated today,” Tyrese joked. “I see what you’re doing, with all a ladies out here.”

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5. Fans done a BIG impact…

Vin pronounced he thinks “no authorization or tale in a universe has had some-more fan input” than a Fast Furious array does.

“They were petitioning for Letty [Rodriguez's character] to come back,” he said. “That was real.”

The authorization does has a really constant fan base, done adult of people of all ages. A small child was overjoyed to accommodate Vin on a red runner before a event. Check out a video of a honeyed impulse below.

—Additional stating by Nicole Pirshafiey

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