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Galaxy S6 ‘Beats’ iPhone 6: Samsung Smack Talk Begins

Thought. It’s not a word we associate with Samsung’s ‘more is More’ smartphone plan of new years, though with a Galaxy S6 launch approaching a association unequivocally does seem to have a meditative top on.

Following a engorgement of tasteful teasers and tantalising hints, a selling hype has now switched gears to conflict Apple and a iPhone 6 head-on and it looks like another hit.

With ideal timing a Korea Herald reports that vital carriers – including T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone and Korea’s SK Telecom – met with Samsung execs and adore both a Galaxy S6 and a radical S6 Edge variant.

“Some executives pronounced a new phones were a best of a best among Samsung-made phones,” claims a Korea Herald’s source. “They pronounced a Edge was improved than Apple’s iPhone 6 in terms of design.”

How convenient.

Samsung Galaxy S6 central teaser - picture credit Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S6 central teaser – picture credit Samsung

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Smoke And Mirrors

Of march consumers don’t unequivocally caring what carriers think, though what is distant some-more critical is fixation a seed in everyone’s mind that this is a new Samsung.

In integrity a signs are good. Beyond a hype, what we know for certain is a Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will any have steel (if iPhone 6 ‘inspired’) chassis, an sparkling Samsung Exynos chipset to mangle from a pack, overhauled software and there is also speak of a world violence camera.

Furthermore it appears Samsung wisely won’t risk cannibalisation of Galaxy Note 4 sales as rumours of a Galaxy S6 5.5-inch arrangement have died down. Phew.

In fact a usually fly in a salve is a foolish one…

Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2015/02/24/galaxy-s6-beats-iphone-6-samsung-smack-talk-begins/

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