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Germany-based hago Automotive locating in Iuka

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IUKA (AP) – German automobile tools retailer Hago Automotive Corp. will open a steel stamping plant in Tishomingo County, investing $10 million and employing 80 people.

The association and Gov. Phil Bryant done a proclamation Friday. Hago, formed in K 5/8ssaberg, Germany skeleton to start operations in Mississippi by mid-2016.

Hago will franchise a 50,000 square-foot building during a state’s Yellow Creek Port

Mississippi Development Authority mouthpiece Tammy Craft says a state group will give Hago $500,000 to finance apparatus and relocation costs. Tishomingo County will extend a 10-year non-school skill taxation mangle projected to be value $800,000. The Tennessee Valley Authority supposing undisclosed assistance.

Hago Automotive CEO Joerg Goeppert says a association indispensable an American plant to supply the customers. Craft says Hago will sell tools to BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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Article source: https://djournal.com/news/germany-based-hago-automotive-locating-in-iuka/

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