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Get a OnePlus One Without an Invite

About a year after phenomenon a One smartphone, OnePlus is creation a handset accessible but an invitation.

A $299 phone with a facilities and pattern of a $650 flagship, a OnePlus One has achieved cult-like status, interjection in partial to how formidable it is to buy.

But after a year of limited invitations, a occasional flash pre-sale, and Tuesday-only online sales, a 16GB Silk White ($299) and 64GB Sandstone Black ($349) handset is on sale now to everyone.

“In a initial large jubilee of a One’s successful year, we are opening adult sales globally for everyone, each day of a week,” OnePlus’s Bradon Harwood wrote in a blog post.

OnePlus One (Unlocked) : Front

OnePlus One (Unlocked) : Back

OnePlus One (Unlocked) : Left

OnePlus One (Unlocked) : Display

OnePlus One (Unlocked) : Camera

OnePlus One (Unlocked) : Right

“We have always wanted to put good products in a hands of some-more people,” he continued. “And, we now feel assured that we have grown adequate to hoop a increasing complexity that comes along with opening sales completely.”

Customers who place an sequence in a initial 24 hours will accept a 75 percent bonus on OnePlus flip covers and shade protectors; Bamboo StyleSwap covers are also available, while reserve last.

Keep in mind, however, that promotions run usually in a U.S., Canada, a European Union, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The OnePlus One boasts specs identical to Samsung’s Galaxy S5—5.5-inch screen, 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, 16/64GB storage, 3,100mAh battery. But a $300 phone comes unbarred for a lot reduction than a carrier-free S5.

The association expected wants to transparent out any batch of a One before a OnePlus 2 arrives after this year. Like a predecessor, a next-gen smartphone will be accessible by invite-only during initial to assistance OnePlus conduct “the hurdles that come along with a code new product.”

“We’re committed to progressing razor-thin margins in sequence to give as most value as probable behind to a users,” Harwood said. “And this drastically increases a risk.”

Last year, OnePlus told PCMag that a OnePlus 2 will be done from higher-quality materials and cost a small some-more than a $299 predecessor. A launch date has not been announced.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2482235,00.asp

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