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GHC, GAMA partner to offer module for automotive workers

Georgia Highlands College and a Georgia Automotive Manufacturers Association (GAMA) are combining a partnership to assistance workers secure or keep jobs in a automotive industry.
 The college and a trade organisation are operative together to cgange a college’s Successful Supervision certificate array into a array tailored for automotive attention employees who wish to rise supervisory skills to assistance them serve their careers.
“I consider a partnership with a Georgia Automotive Manufacturers Association could be outrageous for a college and for this area, generally a companies formulation to immigrate to Georgia,” pronounced George White, executive of stability preparation during GHC. “We’re right in between Kia south of Atlanta and a Volkswagen plant on a limit in Chattanooga. As Georgia keeps attracting some-more automotive companies, it’s going to take a lot of particular plants to support these companies.”
 GAMA President Rick Walker, who addressed a GHC Continuing Education Advisory Council Friday morning during a Cartersville campus, pronounced northwest Georgia is “sort of during a haughtiness center” of a automotive attention in a Southeast.
“I consider Georgia’s in a good place,” he said. “You guys are in an even improved place here in Cartersville, Bartow County, a whole area, Rome. I’ve been in meetings in Rome when we initial started GAMA, and we started to bond some lines of a automotive attention in a Southeast, and they all arrange of go right by this area.”
Georgia’s “close neighbors” of Alabama and Tennessee have 6 automobile public plants between them — Honda,  Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai in Alabama and General Motors, Volkswagen and Nissan in Tennessee — giving Georgia companies an glorious event to supply a strange apparatus manufacturers (OEM) in those states, Walker said.
“We’ve got a lot of OEMs locating in a northwest partial of a state,” he said, observant a automotive attention is “starting to pierce south” divided from Detroit.
To assistance supply a workforce for this industry, GHC and GAMA devise to offer a dual-certificate module that develops and equips front-line leaders with skills they’ll need to make these companies thrive.
The 36-hour module will be identical to a “very successful” 30-hour, 10-module organisation module now being offering by a college, though dual courses will be added, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) march and “something some-more automotive manufacturing-related,” White said.
The march will be geared toward people who “already uncover talent or wish to turn a supervisor,” he said.
“It’s unequivocally profitable for somebody looking for a pursuit in a automotive attention to go by this module if they miss experience,” he said. “A pivotal member of any of these programs is they need to be designed to assistance people get or keep a jobs they’ve got.”
Each of a 12 modules will final 3 hours and will be offering during times that will fit into change workers’ schedules, White said, observant a module should be prepared to offer by late spring.
The stream modules, that customarily have 10 to 12 people in attendance, are Making a Transition to Front-Line Leader, Attitudes, Communication Toolbox, Problem Solving, Understanding Motivation, Feedback that Works, Leading Others, Dealing with Difficult People, Dealing with Disagreement and Change Toolbox.    
“A lot of those are people skills,” White said. “A lot of people come out of college, even with a bachelor’s degree, and they’ve got a technical believe and a book knowledge, though they don’t know how to work with people. People skills is a biggest scarcity for new employees who come into a workplace. To be successful, we have to learn how to work with people. These are skills a good administrator needs.”
GAMA, that has grown to some-more than 400 members given Walker started it in Jun 2011, will assistance rise a program, White said.
“[Walker] saw a module and unequivocally favourite it,” he said. “He wants to benefaction it to a members and see if they like it.”
White also pronounced there is a “good possibility” that some of a modules would be led by GAMA members.

Article source: http://www.daily-tribune.com/newsx/item/1635-ghc-gama-partner-to-offer-program-for-automotive-workers

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