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Global and China Automotive Electronic Industry Chain Report, 2013-2017

NEW YORK, April 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Automotive electronic attention emerges after electronic information record getsapplied to a cars. From a viewpoint of application, automotive wiring can be divided into engine/transmission system, framework system, physique system, communication system, reserve complement and so forth.

This news covers airbags, tire vigour monitoring, ADAS, IVI (navigation and audio), involuntary transmission, fuel injection, lighting and telematics. Meanwhile, it studies standing quo, marketplace trends, foe patterns and supply attribute of a industry, as good as analyzes financial data, operation and growth strategies of vital Chinese and unfamiliar companies.

Tire Pressure Monitoring:

TPMS entered a Chinese marketplace as a lush settlement of alien vehicle models. As Chinese consumers gradually put brazen aloft mandate on automotive safety, Chinese car manufacturers have practical TPMS as customary configuration; TPMS has been commissioned not usually in oppulance cars, though also in midrange cars.

In May 2014, 73 Chinese internal newcomer vehicle brands set TPMS as customary settlement for 312 models and 1,567 styles. China’s automotive TPMS OEM marketplace distance was estimated to strech 2.47 million sets in 2013, representing an boost of 32.8% over 2012. In new years, Chinese TPMS marketplace has been flourishing fast overdue to a tiny marketplace size, a low comparison bottom and a confident attitudes of many TPMS vendors toward a recognition of TPMS in China.

Although China’s TPMS standards have been approved, imperative designation policies have not been released yet. We foresee that China will deliver applicable policies around 2015, and a marketplace will see fast growth then. It is conservatively estimated that Chinese TPMS marketplace will benefaction a CAGR of 27.8% during 2014-2017, a OEM marketplace distance will strech 6.61 million sets by 2017, and a aftermarket distance will bloat fast as well.

Aideddriving has been a fastest flourishing automotive record over new years, and it has entered a “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)” large-scale focus stage. China’s ADAS marketplace distance strike USD600 million in 2013, and will volume to USD2.7 billion in 2019, with a estimated CAGR of 29% during 2013-2017.

In 2014, usually about 6% of 6,079 vehicle models for sale in China are versed with one or some-more sets of ADAS. Among these ADAS-contained models, alien cars comment for 50%, and a ones done in China occupy a remaining 50%; however, over 80% of a ones done in China are constructed by corner ventures, that means a ADAS settlement rate of domestic brands is most reduce than that of general brands.

China sole 21.99 million automobiles in 2013, including 17.93 million newcomer cars and 4.06 million blurb vehicles, with a ADAS preinstalled rate of about 2.5% and a altogether public rate of 3% or so.

Fuel Injection
Automotive EFI System is divided into gasoline and diesel electronic injection system. Gasoline electronic injection complement is some-more renouned and vital carmakers all have mastered a expertise of it. However, diesel electronic injection record is monopolized by a few giants such as Delphi, Bosch and Denso.

The focus suit of Chinese complicated lorry high-pressure common rail complement was about 35% in 2013, and ascends fast in 2014 as a coercion time of National Emission Standards IV is definite. In-line siphon inclination complying with National Emission Standards III can not accommodate a mandate of National Emission Standards IV and V in terms of fuel vigour and injection control, so they need to be totally transposed by electric control high-pressure common rail injection complement in a future. The focus suit of Chinese complicated lorry diesel high-pressure common rail complement will boost to 60% in 2015 and 80% in 2017.

According to estimates, Chinese diesel electric-control high-pressure common rail marketplace distance is approaching to strech RMB6.846 billion in 2014 and RMB10.751 billion in 2017 with an AAGRof 16.23%.

The news covers a following:

Chinese car and automobile tools markets, including output, sales volume and marketplace structure of newcomer cars and blurb vehicles, and a foe settlement of automobile tools market;
Global and Chinese automotive electronic market, embracing definition, classification, marketplace size, growth march and growth trends.
Definition, classification, growth course, industrial standards, policies regulations, R D route, marketplace size, output, sales volume, supporting, marketplace demand, foe pattern, import trade and growth trends of vital automotive electronic marketplace segments, such as intelligent driving, ADAS, Telematics, IVI, navigation, audio, airbags, TPMS, involuntary transmission, fuel injection and lighting.
Profile, business in China, financial situation, output, sales volume, vital customers, categorical products, supporting, prolongation bases, R D, record routes and segments of vital tellurian and Chinese automobile tools companies, including Continental, Denso, Bosch, Delphi, Autoliv, TRW, Magneti Marelli, Aisin, Mobis, Valeo, Schrader, WABCO, Harman International, Pioneer, Clarion, ZF Friedrichshafen, Keihin, Hella, Koito, Hangsheng Electronics, Desay, Kysonix, Foryou, Topsystem Electronics, Coagent, Geely, Chery, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Weifu.
Profile, financial condition, vital customers, categorical products, focus fields, solutions, R D and record routes of vital tellurian and Chinese automotive electronic semiconductor companies, embracing Infineon, Freescale, Renesas, Texas Instruments and Mobileye.

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