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Global and China Automotive PCB Industry Report, 2014-2015 – Reportlinker Review

NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Global and China Automotive PCB Industry Report, 2014-2015 highlights a followings:1. Global and China's car marketplace and attention
2. Downstream marketplace of automotive PCB
3. Automotive PCB Industry and Market
4. 19 Automotive PCB companies

Global automotive PCB marketplace distance was around USD4.96 billion in 2014, and is approaching to grow by 6.5% to USD5.28 billion in 2015, compared with an altogether tellurian PCB marketplace scale of roughly USD59.6 billion in 2014 and an estimated expansion of 0.8% in 2015. Automotive PCB is a fastest-growing margin in PCB industry, and will means a movement until during slightest 2019.

In automotive PCB field, powertrain binds a largest proportion, about 32% for a time being, including generally Engine Control Unit, Starter, Alternator, Transmission Control, Fuel Injection, and Power Steering. For xEV, complexity, high voltage, high stream and high heat of Inverter and Converter poise intensely high mandate on PCB. Powertrain seizes over 50%, followed by Body with about 25% (primarily Lighting, HVAC, Power Door Seat, Keyless, and TPMS). LED lighting, that enjoys a high share, is rarely perfectionist on PCB, customarily adopting MCPCB (Metal Core PCB). Thirdly, Safety systems, consisting generally of ADAS, ABS, and Airbag, make adult about 22%. The final is Cockpit systems, generally covering Instrument Display and Infotainment.

Automotive PCB has awfully high requirement on reliability, formulating a biggest threshold. Recall complement in car attention requires makers to take risks of inadequate products. As tiny makers can't means this, they are customarily ruled out. Challenges for automotive PCB embody reliability, high temperature, high frequency, and high current.

PCBs in automotive engine and gearbox need to withstand high heat above 150?, so ceramic substrates contingency be used, for ceramic multi-layer substrate contains generally alumina (Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN). High heat co-fired ceramic (HTCC) PCB is customarily sintered during heat of over 1600?, and a conductor is high-melting indicate tungsten or molybdenum, that can be sintered together during a same time. Japanese Murata puts brazen low heat co-fired ceramic (LTCC), that finds few applications. Ceramic substrates are mostly granted by Japanese KYOCERA and U.S. Rogers. PCBs used by European and U.S. carmakers are mostly supposing by German Schweizer, Duwel, and Wurth, and U.S. TTM. Japanese carmakers are generally served by CMK and Meiko.

Automotive reserve systems, generally ABS, generally adopt MCPCB (Metal Core PCB). Automotive ADAS needs to use a vast apportion of radar that finds conveyance of 19 million sets in 2014 and is approaching to strech 96 million sets in 2020. In this case, high-frequency PCB will be employed. The PCB customarily needs PTFE ceramic and can usually be finished by a companies (mainly from U.S. Europe and Japan) that are really gifted in RF. xEV is building rapidly, generally after a conflict of liaison over VW intrigue wickedness emissions tests.

Supply of cockpit PCBs are roughly taken on by Taiwanese companies. HDI might be needed, as Infotainment becomes some-more difficult and a distance of shade larger. Moreover, a array of automotive displays used also increases, like BMW 7 array regulating adult to 7 displays for any vehicle. All these factors fuel a strong market.
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