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Go To Florida, Says Ithaca’s Tourism Board

Ithaca, New York is fed adult with a sleet and cold.

It is so fed up, a tourism bureau is promulgation folks to Florida.

Web visitors who went to VisitIthaca.com, a tourism website run by a Ithaca Convention Visitors Bureau, were met with this message, until it was taken down Tuesday afternoon: “That’s it. We surrender. Winter, we win. Key West anyone?”

Bruce Stoff, executive of a Ithaca Convention Visitors Bureau, told CNN, “Everyone in a Northeast is beaten by winter now, and we’re forgetful of being someplace that is warm.”

But to send visitors to a Florida Keys when it’s your job to attract them to Ithaca? It’s a pierce that has dumbfounded some attention professionals.

A orator for a Florida Keys Tourism Council told CNN it’s “the wackiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life from a tourism selling standpoint.”

Florida’s tourism legislature wasn’t complaining, though. When Stoff got in hold to ask accede to use photos of a Florida Keys homepage, Florida’s tourism legislature was discerning to oblige, reported CNN. And afterwards it common a picture on Twitter:

Here was a rest of Ithaca’s message, posted beside images of palm trees and sun: “Due to this ridiculously foolish winter, Ithaca invites we to revisit The Florida Keys this week. Please come behind when things unfreeze out. Really, it’s for a birds here now.”

Here’s what Ithaca looks like right now. Cornell University posted this print yesterday:

Christina Barton has lived in Ithaca for 6 years. Amused by a tourism board’s message, she posted it on her Facebook page. Was she annoyed by it? Not during all, she told Boston.com, writing, “I adore Ithaca, though I’m over winter. we live for a pleasing summers here, they (sort of-kind of) make winter (maybe) value it!”

Meanwhile, over during a Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism website, a tip of a page reads:

Is there a word that means, ‘everything mind-blowingly extraordinary in one beautiful, welcoming place?’ No? Well, theory we can’t report Massachusetts in one word. Let’s only say, it’s all here.

Even after about 90-plus inches of snow, satirical snowstorm winds, and an impaired MBTA, we’re still saying the awesomeness.

So siphon it up, New York!

Article source: http://www.boston.com/travel/2015/02/17/florida-says-ithaca-tourism-board/y4iVgikjpnPv7Z4wGsctpJ/story.html

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