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‘God Particle’ Still Elusive? New Research Casts Doubt Over Discovery Of Higgs …

A group of researchers from a University of Southern Denmark have questioned either a molecule detected by scientists during the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, in 2012, is a fugitive Higgs boson, casting doubts over what was hailed as a vital breakthrough in elemental physics. The Higgs boson, also called a “God particle,” is believed to be a source of a Higgs field, that provides mass to all other sub-atomic particles.

“The CERN information is generally taken as justification that a molecule is a Higgs particle. It is loyal that a Higgs molecule can explain a information though there can be other explanations, we would also get this information from other particles,” Mads Toudal Frandsen, a molecule physicist during a university, said, in a statement. “The stream information is not accurate adequate to establish accurately what a molecule is. It could be a series of other famous particles.”

The group of researchers claimed that a molecule detected during a Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, could be another singular fanciful molecule called a “techni-higgs.”

“This molecule is in some ways identical to a Higgs molecule – hence half of a name,” Frandsen said, in a statement. However, he added, a dual particles indicate toward dual totally opposite theories attempting to explain a start of a universe.

“A techni-higgs molecule is not an facile molecule (a molecule that can't be divided into smaller components). Instead, it consists of supposed techni-quarks, that we trust are elementary. Techni-quarks might connect together in several ways to form for instance techni-higgs particles, while other combinations might form dim matter. We therefore design to find several opposite particles during a LHC, all built by techni-quarks,” Frandsen said.

“If techni-quarks exist, there contingency be a force to connect them together so that they can form particles,” Frandsen said. “None of a 4 famous army of inlet are any good during contracting techni-quarks together. There contingency therefore be a nonetheless undiscovered force of nature.”

If confirmed, a new commentary would come as a vital beating for a scientists during CERN, as a find of a Higgs boson was deliberate a vital boost to a Standard Model of molecule physics, that lays out a basis of how facile particles and army correlate in a universe.

Scientists trust that a Higgs boson is a molecule that gives all matter a mass and a find had filled one of a vital gaps in this theory. 

Article source: http://www.ibtimes.com/god-particle-still-elusive-new-research-casts-doubt-over-discovery-higgs-boson-1721357

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