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Golden State not confident with undefeated start

The numbers contend a lot.

Five wins in 5 games, that ties a best start in group story and a initial time given 1994.

The final ideal record left in a league, a initial time given 1960, when a group was still authorization was still located a continent divided in Philadelphia.

Draymond Green says a Warriors aren’t meditative that they’re a best thing given sliced bread.

Warriors vs. Rockets

Stephen Curry has 34 points and 10 rebounds to lead a Warriors past a depleted Rockets 98-87 Saturday night in a matchup of undefeated teams.

Good thing. Because there are copiousness of times when new manager Steve Kerr feels like he’s usually got half a loaf.

“There are times when we don’t know what we’re doing,” Kerr said.

Truth be told, a players substantially feel a same way.

That’s a bad thing when a round is being tossed around on a quick mangle like it’s a hot greased pig. It’s also a reason to lay behind and massage your hands in expectation of what it could be like if a Warriors put it all together.

The numbers contend a lot.

Through 5 games Golden State is averaging 21.6 turnovers per night, including 26 opposite a Rockets in what was ostensible to be a extent assembly of West powers.

Dwight Howard was stricken with flu-like symptoms and didn’t play for Houston. But a blank All-Star core had small to do with a approach a Warriors treated a round so cavalierly, given they’ve been doing it given a deteriorate opener.

“We’re entrance down and creation plays that would make a sixth grader blush,” Kerr said. “It’s intolerable to me. We have so most talent and these guys are such good players that if they would usually make a easy play, afterwards a diversion would be easier and we’d be in good shape.

“But we’re creation some of a dumbest passes I’ve ever seen in my life. We’re still winning and that’s good. But if we wish to get where we wish to be, afterwards we have to value a round and make a easy play. If we do that, a sky’s a limit.

“I consider partial of a problem is we have guys that are very, really means and learned and so they trust they can do anything.”

It’s a weight of talent to have to live adult to reputation, to transparent a bar you’ve set so high for yourself.

A lineup that starts with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Andrew Bogut and goes deeper than a Pacific has all a tender talent and such an contentment of particular skills to simply rest too most on them or to try to lift them adult to a spin that usually isn’t necessary.

We’re not there yet, distant from it.

– Andrew Bogut

The Warriors can spin 24 seconds on a shot time into a five- or six- or seven-pass possession that during times seems some-more vigilant on display how sharp they can be with a round rather than someone usually dropping it into a basket. The Warriors can also run a 3-on-2 quick mangle that is usually dangerous to themselves.

Nobody is foolishly suggesting that there is any means for alarm in a ideal 5-0 start. It’s like indicating out a unnoticed hair on Kate Upton’s head. The folks in Cleveland, Oklahoma City and even San Antonio would take it in a heartbeat.

“We’re not there yet, distant from it,” pronounced Bogut.

“We’re flattering gifted and flattering low during fundamentally 1 by 15,” pronounced Curry. “Guys are perplexing to figure out what’s going on … given we wish to be great.”

But mass comes when we learn to instinctively make a easy plays rather than overthinking a tough ones.

“I never had a problem as a player,” Kerr said. “I couldn’t do anything, so we had to make a right play. These guys are able of doing so much, they try to do approach too much.”

The numbers contend a lot.

That if a Warriors can ever learn to welcome doing a elementary things, this could be usually be a start of something special.

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