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Gone Girl movie: Second trailer expelled starring Neil Patrick Harris

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Starring Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne and Rosamund Pike as his mother Amy, a trailer starts with Nick being questioned about Amy’s genocide on a high form wire discuss show.

Host Ellen Abbott asks a downcast-looking Affleck: “You’re substantially a many hated chairman in America. Did we kill your mother Nick?”

From afterwards on, a trailer speeds adult to turn a fast-paced thriller that appears to opposition a gait of Flynn’s novel.

Scenes of Nick unwell to answer elementary questions put to him by a military are intercut with fragile voiceovers from Amy saying: “I will rehearse desiring my father loves me…I finally realize we am frightened of my possess husband.”

A series of characters from a book that did not seem in a initial trailer are introduced for a initial time.

Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Amy’s creepy ex-boyfriend Desi Collings, turns adult during a proffer assembly to assistance find Amy and is confronted by Nick for a initial time.

Neil Patrick Harris plays Amy Dunne's creepy ex-boyfriend in 'Gone Girl'Neil Patrick Harris plays Amy Dunne’s creepy ex-boyfriend Desi

Amy’s cocksure parents, played by Lisa Banes and David Clennon, make an appearance, with Amy’s father Elliott hugging Nick and revelation him: “We are all scared, though we are all here now.”

Hot-shot counsel Tanner Bolt, played by Tyler Perry, is also seen lecture Nick on what he contingency contend before his coming on Ellen Abbott Live.

The trailer ends with Amy essay “this male might kill me. This male might truly kill me” in her diary.

Gone Girl is due to be expelled in a UK on 3 October.

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