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Google Acquires Image-Recognition Expert Jetpac for Undisclosed Sum

Jetpac is about to house a final flight, carrying been recently acquired by Google for an different sum. As partial of a acquisition, a association is scuttling a iOS app—it’s different during this time either Google skeleton to confederate Jetpac’s record into a possess services, or either a merger was an “acqui-hire,” to put it in Silicon Valley parlance.

As for what Jetpac does—soon, did—the company’s iOS app is sincerely simple, though rather novel in a application. It scans by Instagram photos to compare adult forms of people with locations they’re frequenting. This allows one to lift adult a app and see what places are many busy in a city by several personalities: pet lovers, foodies, business travelers, students, et cetera.

Jetpac, in essence, uses a analyses of Instagram photos to emanate city guides (more than 6,000 in all, by a time a app goes divided on Sep 15). The guides themselves are full of “top 10″ lists of things to do in sold locations, mostly focused on a many renouned places to go (including how happy people look in a open Instagram cinema they take in these locations).

“You can now hunt for places to go to in a approach that we naturally daydream it, rather than reading by an amenities list or parsing content reviews. People use it to fast get a clarity of a place and a people who go there – photos don’t lie,” explained Jetpac CEO Julian Green in a 2013 talk with TechCrunch.

And, of course, if we get wearied scanning by cities for things to do, we can also put your visible astuteness to a exam by going by one of a app’s print quizzes to see if we can commend a sold city around Instagram pictures.

While we somehow doubt Google will be building out small quizzes for a users regulating Jetpac’s technology, it’s positively probable that a company’s laser-like concentration on facial approval could infer accessible for Google’s amicable elements—yes, even Google+. Jetpac’s tech could also be used to accelerate Google’s possess internal hunt and sell reviewing efforts.

Jetpac started adult in 2011 and cumulative a $2.4 million appropriation turn in 2012, that enclosed investors like Khosla Ventures, Morado Venture partners, and former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2462746,00.asp

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