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Google Announces New Gmail Security Feature: Unencrypted Connections Warning




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Google’s renouned email use Gmail will shortly accept a new covering of security. The hunt giant’s online confidence group announced a refurbish on Thursday, and a categorical aim is to strengthen Gmail users from “new confidence challenges” online.

In a blog post, Gmail’s confidence engineering lead Nicolas Lidzborski and Elie Bursztein from a Anti-Fraud And Abuse Research announced some of the findings of a multi-year news consecrated by a hunt engine in partnership with the University of Michigan and a University of Illinois.

Researchers have found that email currently is some-more secure than it was dual years ago. From Dec in 2013 to Oct this year, a commission of encrypted TLS that were sent from Gmail to non-Gmail recipients increasing from 60 to 80 percent, meaning, email exchanges from Gmail to other email services and clamp versa are some-more secure with no “third-party” listening to conversations. It’s value observant that connections between Gmail accounts are encrypted.

Google and partner universities also found that some-more than 94 percent of inbound communication to Gmail lift some form of authentication, meaning, messages perceived by Gmail users now are stable by technologies and they’re reduction expected to encounter phishing and other forms of online fraud.

But a internet is evolving, and email is still one of a tip priorities of hackers and scammers.

According to Google, there are dual new email confidence challenges, though they’re already building new layers of confidence to strengthen Gmail users.

First, researchers found regions on web that actively preventing summary encryption by tampering with requests to trigger SSL connections.

Google pronounced it has been operative closely with attention partners by M3AAWG, or Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group, to strengthen “opportunistic TLS” by regulating technologies that Google pioneered with Chrome to strengthen websites opposite interception.

Second, Google and partner investigate teams have found nefarious DNS servers that tell bogus routing information to email servers looking for Gmail. This form of conflict is rare, says Google, though it’s really concerning — so in a entrance months, it will launch new in-product warnings for Gmail users, alerting them when they accept emails by non-encrypted connections. 

There are still legitimate email servers that don’t support encryption, though Gmail wants to strengthen a “field” so Gmail users will still see warning messages when they accept messages from these servers, legit or not.

Security threats won’t disappear, though studies like these capacitate providers opposite a attention to quarrel them with better, some-more absolute protections currently and going forward,” says Google in a statement. 

Article source: http://stgist.com/2015/11/gmail-announces-security-feature-unencrypted-connections-5476

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