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Google trainer Larry Page gives Sundar Pichai keys to a kingdom

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Ten years after fasten Google and with using Android, Chrome, and Google Apps already on his plate, Sundar Pichai’s star has now risen even higher, gaining a new tranche of responsibilities in a process.

On Friday, Google CEO Larry Page sent out a memo, seen by Re/code, advising employees that in further to his stream jobs, Pichai will now have altogether shortcoming for search, research, maps, commerce, ads, infrastructure, and Google+ – not that a final one will take adult too most of his time.

Page pronounced that a pierce would giveaway adult his possess time to concentration on bigger-picture items, such as new products and corporate strategy, while Pichai concentrates on using a existent business units. But it’s a outrageous step brazen for Pichai’s career and contingency certainly put him in a using for a tip pursuit during Google, if and when Page decides to step down.

Pichai was innate Pichai Sundararajan in a Indian city of Chennai (formerly Madras) in 1972 and warranted a Bachelor’s grade in Technology from IIT-Kharagpur in West Bengal, a Master’s grade from Stanford University, and an MBA from a Wharton School of a University of Pennsylvania.

After a brief spell during government consultants McKinsey Company, Pichai hold several positions during Applied Materials before fasten Google in 2004 as a product manager. He creatively focused on Google Apps though after took shortcoming for Chrome and Chrome OS, too.

After Andy Rubin left a Android group in Mar of final year to combine on Google’s robotics ambitions, Pichai also combined a mobile OS to his responsibilities, and has been a open face of a multiplication ever since.

He was rumored to be in a using for a tip pursuit during Microsoft when Steve Ballmer motionless to step down. It’s also pronounced that Twitter came sniffing around him in 2011, though that he stayed with Google after receiving a multi-million dollar faithfulness inducement from a bosses during Mountain View. Now looks like he’ll be around a while longer. ®

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Article source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/25/googles_golden_child_sundar_pichai_gets_massive_new_role/

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