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Google buys ‘mood music’ organisation Songza (and window into your LIFE)

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Analysis Google has acquired a personal radio streaming use called Songza for a data-harvesting capabilities.

The Pandora-like use offers adult “mood music” playlists for a specific context, so it will advise a playlist of songs for when you’re about to have a showering – or have sex.

Songza’s CEO rather gave a diversion divided when he told CNET:

There are really few services that people wish to tell accurately what they’re doing during any given moment.

Yet Songza is one of them. As CNET says, Songza “is a radio-style, giveaway use identical to Pandora with a larger importance on portion adult song suitable for a sold listener during a impulse of listening.” Users tell Songza what they’re doing during a given impulse to assistance a service’s tellurian curators collect an suitable playlist.

Of course, there’s really small indicate in delicately handling your remoteness settings if you’re going to tell Google – or a unconditionally Google-owned auxiliary – that you’re about to strip and take a shower, get jiggy with your poignant other, or start requesting for a mortgage.

Songza was incubated within Amazon, that was also reportedly an investor, nonetheless a box-flinging biz now has a own-brand audio streaming service, Digital Music.

Google paid only $39m for Songza, that is a discount given a insinuate real-time personal information it can collect. ®

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Article source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/07/02/google_buys_songza_for_data_harvesting_ability/

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