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Google buys Songza: How many song services does one association need?

In another pointer of a song industry’s solid transition to streaming services, Google announced Tuesday it had purchased a giveaway streaming use Songza. 

Google reportedly paid some-more than $39 million for a start-up, nonetheless conjunction Google nor Songza has commented on a price. 

Based in Long Island City, N.Y., a three-year aged app Songza provides tailor-made playlists for opposite occasions, as against to a algorithmically generated playlists of services such as Pandora.

As of now, Songza users can rest positive that their knowledge with a use will stay a same for a time being. In a blog post, Google says, “We aren’t formulation any evident changes to Songza, so it will continue to work like common for existent users.”

In a separate blog post, Songza echoed that user knowledge will not change, adding that “we can’t consider of a improved association to join in a query to yield a ideal soundtrack for all we do.”

This merger comes shortly after tech giants such as Apple and Amazon have also gotten into a streaming business. In May, Apple bought Beats for $3 billion along with a company’s heading headphones and a curated streaming service. That’s in further to Apple’s possess iTunes Radio. More recently, Amazon expelled Prime Music, a giveaway streaming use charity some-more than a million songs. 

The music-streaming business has accelerated during a fast gait in new years. In one instance of streaming’s dominance, Spotify announced in Dec that a users had streamed some-more than 4.5 billion hours of song in 2013, translating to roughly 38 mins of song for any chairman on a planet. 

Recent months have seen a drop in sales for digital song downloads, while services such as Pandora and Spotify have usually solidified their purpose as a go-to sources for online music, Reuters reports

Last year, Google launched a All Access song subscription use for $9.99 a month, accessible in a Google Play store and charity “unlimited listening to millions of songs.” Google-owned YouTube is also in a routine of building subscription service. And Google will be looking for ways to incorporate Songza into a Google Play and YouTube song services, according to a association blog post. 

Article source: http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/Horizons/2014/0702/Google-buys-Songza-How-many-music-services-does-one-company-need

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