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Google discontinues Nexus 7 tablet, longer accessible for sale on central store

It’s a finish of an era, a 7-inch Nexus inscription from Google is no longer accessible on a Google Store for purchase. When we go to a Nexus 7 page on a Google Store, it reads that a inscription is now off sales.

What is accessible is a Google Nexus 9 inscription that has a bigger 8.9-inch screen. The Google Nexus 9 costs Rs 28,900 on a central Google Store for Devices.

The Nexus 7 (2013) tablet, that was mostly rated as one of a best Google tablets in a market, was labelled at Rs 20,999 for 16 GB version, Rs 23,999 for 32GB.  Interestingly Flipkart still has a 32GB chronicle retailing for Rs 15,999 for those who are still deliberation a new tablet.

Most recently a Nexus 7 had got a refurbish to a Android Lollipop chronicle of a OS. Some of a new facilities on a list were softened notifications, Bluetooth smart, personal unlocking,

In a new ‘heads-up notifications’ users can respond to notifications though withdrawal a stream app.  Bluetooth Smart is low-energy Bluetooth mode that extends Nexus 7 battery life when scanning for and pairing with circuitously devices.

The ‘personal unlocking’ feature, designates certain locations such as home and work as ‘safe’ and so Nexus 7 users are means to bypass a normal sealed screen.

The finish of a 7-inch inscription from Google is expected to leave some users unhappy though no doubt this was a step entrance soon. With smartphone screens removing bigger and bigger (Nexus 6 has a 6-inch-screen), for users a value of a 7-inch inscription had decreased significantly.

As smartphone canabilise a mini-tablet shade space, don’t design any some-more 7-inch tablets to get launched.

Article source: http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/mobile-tabs/google-discontinues-nexus-7-tablet-longer-available-for-sale-on-official-store/

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