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Google worker reveals a new Chromebook Pixel’s due out soon

The initial Chromebook Pixel wasn’t accurately a outrageous seller, what with a large cost tab and all, yet Google’s apparently still scheming to recover a second version. OMG! Chrome! speckled a video of Renee Niemi, who’s in assign of Android and Chrome for Work and Education, during a new Google Teamwork event, where she suggested that a company’s operative on a next-gen Pixel that will shortly be slated for release. Mountain View has given pulled down a video, yet a announcement transcribed a applicable partial as follows:

We do have a new Pixel entrance out and it will be entrance out soon. We will be offered it yet we usually have to set your expectations: this is a growth platform. This is unequivocally a explanation of concept. We don’t make unequivocally many of these — we unequivocally don’t. And… a developers and a Googlers devour 85% of what we produce. But yes, we do have a new Pixel entrance out.

Since a association hasn’t strictly announced anything yet, we don’t have a laptop’s specs or facilities to list. According to OMG! Chrome!, though, it competence still have a same 12.85-inch high-res screen, along with a new heaven-sent, reversible type C USB port. It’ll many expected cost upwards of a grand (whereas other Chromebooks are labelled usually in a hundreds of dollars), deliberation a initial Pixel starts during $1,300. There’s also a possibility that a new indication will be announced during Google I/O 2015 in May, as a initial one was launched during a same eventuality behind in 2013. We reached out to Google for acknowledgment and for some-more details, and we’ll refurbish this post once we hear back.

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