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Google Gives Chromecast Owners $6 for Valentine’s Day

Google loves you. No, really. It’s a large fan, and it unequivocally wants to make this Valentine’s Day between we dual extra-special.

Or, during least, it wants to assistance we make your Valentine’s Day—be it solo, with friends, or with a desired one—that most some-more fun. So prolonged as we have a Chromecast, and it’s powered on, and it’s already synched adult with your home wireless network, afterwards Google is going to give we $6 for positively nothing.

Presumably, we can afterwards use that giveaway income to lease a film on your large Feb 14 day—or, really, any other day, if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing.

To get your giveaway cash, you’ll have to initial implement a Google Cast extension for your Chrome browser. And, yes, you’ll wish to have that as good (if you’re differently a large Firefox or Internet Explorer fan). From there, conduct on over to Google’s Chromecast Offers page. Once we determine to a terms, Google will ask we to name your Chromecast device in sequence to see all a offers we can extract in—which means you’ll wish to have already set your Chromecast adult on your Wi-Fi network before to this indicate (which we’re presumption we did).

When we do, you’ll quickly see a small congratulations summary seem on your TV (if it’s tuned to a HDMI source that your Chromecast is commissioned into). You’ll be picking a tangible offers on your Chrome browser, and adult in a upper-left dilemma should be a Google Play offer that tells we to “Enjoy a Valentine’s Day film let with a $6 Google Play credit.” Click on a “Redeem” symbol and poof—free money.

We’re not accurately certain because Google is tossing out this giveaway cash, as there isn’t unequivocally any other promotional bid tied to a selling push. Perhaps Google is only unequivocally penetrating to have everyone’s Chomecast inclination connected online (and pity their device ID with Google). That, or maybe Google only wants to send a small adore your approach for being a constant Chromecast user. Either way, we don’t mind considering while we’re all cuddled adult on a cot with the Chromecast come Feb 14—perhaps Google can send some chocolates over, too.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2476451,00.asp

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