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Google Glass Now Being Tested At Busy Schiphol Airport

Google Glass might be over (for now) as a mass-market product, though there are still pockets of seductiveness for Google’s augmented-reality display, that means we haven’t seen a final of it only yet.

One of a busiest airports in Europe, Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, is now perplexing out Google Glass in dual specific settings. First, a airfield is regulating it as a apparatus to concede airfield management officers to demeanour adult embankment and moody information but carrying to deliberate a apart device.

Second, airfield staff in a categorical depot are regulating Glass try a “customer journey,” by recording first-person views of quality-control crew as they make their approach by a airport.

Of these, a initial focus seems like it has a many long-term potential, that will be required if Google Glass is to sojourn relevant.

In all, this is an instance of how, to counterfeit Mark Twain, reports of Google Glass’s genocide have been severely exaggerated. Last month, Google removed Glass from a prior home within a Google X lab and gave control of a plan to Tony Fadell—one of a creators of a iPod and CEO of Nest.

Although this shuffling was mostly reported as a failure, news like a Schiphol airfield commander intrigue demonstrates how Glass might nonetheless find a solid place as an craving tool. Since a vital philosophical strife inside Google was reportedly either to make Glass a fashionable item or a tech-focused one, a new changes might outcome in stronger, some-more unchanging instruction than a plan has had so far.

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