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Google Glass chronicle 2: New photos seem in FCC filing

Google’s Glass Explorer module competence be dead, though a luckless face computer—now underneath a caring of Nest CEO Tony Fadell—is unequivocally many alive. An FCC filing published on Monday shows a subsequent chronicle of Google Glass in accurate detail, giving a universe a closer glance during a reboot that appears unfailing for workplace capability scenarios.

As we can see from a FCC photos here, it appears one phenomenon of a Google Glass redux lacks a nose bridge, and doesn’t hang entirely around a user’s face. Moreover, a public that binds a potion prism can overlay down opposite a earpiece.

Just pull a hinge down, and cocktail Glass into your slot protector—or so a pattern would seem to suggest.

google potion craving fcc 4FCC

According to reports from Wall Street Journal and 9to5Google published progressing this year, a new wearable includes a incomparable prism arrangement (presumably for a incomparable margin of view), an softened Intel processor, longer battery life, and a some-more rugged, even waterproof design. All of these facilities position a wearable for a some-more severe final of craving and industrial environments.

Peeling by a FCC SAR report—which delves into a tellurian body’s “specific fullness rate” of radio frequencies—it’s transparent that this new chronicle of Glass does indeed support 5GHz Wi-Fi as progressing reports have suggested.

The hinge looks sturdy, though would this device unequivocally hang to a face of a user toiling on an public line or in handling room? Probably not. It’s critical to remember that a inclination in a FCC print competence not resemble a final product—the supervision is usually meddlesome in radio frequencies, not aesthetics. Indeed, one picture in a FCC filing shows a many some-more familiar-looking iteration. 

google potion craving fcc 5FCC

It’s been a long, wild, dumb float for Google Glass. Just a year and a half ago, a Glass module was put underneath a care of Ivy Ross, a maestro oppulance products selling specialist. Shortly thereafter, Glass became accessible in Diane Von Furstenberg conform frames. But now it appears that Google has given adult on mainstreaming Glass (Fadell’s consumer-centric certification notwithstanding), and is pulling a wearable into a workplace—where, presumably, a normal bureau worker is some-more endangered with functionality than fashion.

9to5Google says a new “Enterprise Edition” is simply called “EE” internally, though a breeze primer submitted to a FCC on Jun 12 of this year refers to a device as “GG1.” The many engaging thing in a user manual? Note what I’ve italicized: “Press a camera symbol to take a photo. Hold it down to record a video. The immature light shows when a camera is on.” 

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3018439/wearables/google-glass-version-2-new-photos-appear-in-fcc-filing.html

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