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Google Invests In Mobvoi, Its Android Wear Partner In China

Google’s services are not accessible in China, though that isn’t interlude it from creation a poignant investment in a company formed on Chinese soil. The U.S. hunt hulk is backing Mobvoi, a three-year-old association specializing in mobile voice technology.

The twin already have business ties. Mobvoi is a association that Google picked to bring Android Wear, a handling complement for wearables, to China, so this deal takes things adult to a subsequent level.

The distance of a investment, that is a Series C turn for Mobvoi, has not been disclosed, but Mobvoi co-founder Yuanyuan Li reliable that Google has turn a minority shareholder. The deal, she said, takes a association to $75 million in investment to date. Since Mobvoi formerly lifted $10 million Series B and $1.6 million Series A rounds, Google’s investment is only bashful of $65 million.

Update: Mobvoi has simplified to TechCrunch that it lifted formerly unannounced appropriation rounds so a volume invested by Google is reduce than a $60-65 million that we creatively reported. The association declined to divulge a value of those unannounced rounds or Google’s investment when we asked directly.

Beyond a Android Wear deal, a dual companies have copiousness in common. Beijing-based Mobvoi was started by ex-Googlers — CEO Zhifei Li and CTO Mike Lei are both former investigate scientists with Google U.S. — and Li said the company’s DNA is heavily shabby by a tech giant.

“We used a Google indication from day one,” she told TechCrunch in an interview. “We wanted to have same enlightenment and group values. The co-operation [on bringing Android Wear to China] went unequivocally well… and  showed seductiveness and motionless to make an investment.”

On a business and product side, Mobvoi is really Googley, too.

The association is substantially best famous for Chumenwenwen, a mobile voice hunt use really many in a character of Siri or Google Now. The use is same to a practical butler, permitting users to perform a operation of tasks — including search, checking weather, shopping items, and some-more — only regulating their voice. Li said a association has struck deals with over 100 calm partners to give users entrance to several services via Chumenwenwen.

Mobvoi used a healthy denunciation record to build out a possess smartwatch software, too. Ticwear is a ROM that pairs with Android Wear to make a Google-run handling complement — that is kneecapped in China interjection to a government’s blockage of Google services — work in mainland China.

Beyond building smartwatch software, that works on comparison watches like a Moto 360, Mobvoi went a step serve and grown a possess hardware: the Ticwatch. Li said a association has sole 30,000 units of a smartwatch, that is labelled between $160-$190 in China, though it stays focused on program development.

“Our idea isn’t to be a watch manufacturer, [but] we’re happy to see early adopters shopping a product,” she said.

ticwatch mobvoi

Mobvoi pronounced it will use a new financing to sinecure talent from opposite a universe and continue refine a program services — Ticwear is updated each dual weeks, many like Xiaomi’s proceed to a MIUI Android program — while it is skeleton to drop a toes into robotics and it is also working on a possess in-car software. That latter product is, again, many like a Chinafied chronicle of Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto from Google.

Given a many business/tech similarities between both companies and reports that the U.S. firm is looking to open adult a services in China — and in sold a Google Play Store — is today’s investment a pointer that Google has found a association in China to reconstruct a business there?

Perhaps there’s even a probability of a full Google buyout in a future?

Not so, according to Li.

“We value this partnership a lot, and honour Google as an investor, [but it is] still a minority financier and we will concentration on what we trust in and in a products,” she told TechCrunch. “We’re not changing what we’ve planned, though there are really some-more opportunities [that will open up].”

Google, for a part, pronounced it has “nothing to announce during this time” when we asked about intensity skeleton to enhance a range of a partnership with Mobvoi and free a Google Play Store in China.

The association might be decorous on a China plans, though today’s news is undoubted justification that those skeleton do exist in some form. Google Inc and a Google Capital VC arm have done investments in China in a past — including a $5 million interest in song and video site Xuneli way behind in 2007 — though this understanding with Mobvoi is positively a many vital to date, and it sets off thoughts about what a hunt hulk has adult a sleeve.

Note: This post has been updated to scold a name of a Mobvoi spokesperson. Apologies for any confusion.

Featured Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/20/google-invests-in-mobvoi-its-android-wear-partner-in-china/

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