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Google I/O slated for late May in San Francisco

Android developers, it’s time to start formulation your outing out to California. Google announced that a annual developers discussion Google I/O will be hold May 28-29 during Moscone Center West in downtown San Francisco. Google’s Senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai, nonchalantly announced a dates on his Twitter feed:

Registration for a eventuality beings Mar 17 during 9:00AM PDT and will sojourn open usually for dual days—until Mar 19 during 5:00PM PDT. Google says that there’s no need to worry, and that “there’s no rush” to contention your application. That might not be really comforting to hear, though a invitation routine is by lottery so your speed in submitting has no temperament on either you’re selected to attend or not. And if we don’t make it in, there’s always a webcasts.


Find a easter egg on a Google I/O registration page to make your possess beats.

Google also plopped an experiment on a Google I/O page. Click a equalizer idol to a right of a I/O registration page to record your possess small balance with several opposite onscreen instruments. You can afterwards loop them with one another to emanate your possess neat small beat. You’ll need WebGL and Web Audio APIs enabled for it to work.

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