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Google only gave Android Wear a underline jolt

Whoa wait a second, we competence be saying, what did Google only do for Android Wear? And where is my update? It’s on a way, initial of all – if we occur to have an LG Watch Urbane we should have a refurbish already. If we have any other Android Wear watch, your refurbish will be appearing this week. As for what Google indeed expelled this morning – that’s a bit some-more in-depth. It starts with a story of drawings and emoji for everyone.


Android Wear smartwatch inclination already concede we to see and respond to messages as they’re sent from your phone. What this refurbish will do is concede we to pull faces in reply, any of those faces branch into emoji before they’re sent. It’s simple, and it’s silly, and it’s neat.


Have a look during a poetic Emoji article for some-more on this in-depth subject.

Connected Anywhere

While a Apple Watch allows we to sojourn connected to your iPhone on a same wi-fi network, Android Wear goes a step further. Now as prolonged as you’re on a web with your Android Wear watch – and your phone is too – you’ll sojourn connected to your data.

How we hoop this newly found energy is adult to you. While you’ll still some-more than expected keep your phone on we wherever we go, there’s always a peculiar place – like a gym, for instance – where carrying only a watch and still a updates could be useful.


A crack of your wrist will allege to a subsequent label in your tide on your Android Wear smartwatch. See a gif next to knowledge a magic.


This is presumption you’re all pumped adult about doing a flick, of course. No some-more need for drumming anywhere.

Always-on screen

Several apps are improved when on constantly. Maps, for example, can be kept on for as prolonged as we wish but drumming or prodding.


This will also be good for Google Keep, when we conduct to a grocery store with a list on your wrist.

A slight adjustment

Swiping left now brings we to your on-watch apps and contacts. This is opposite from before, where you’d have had to have left by a somewhat some-more extensive process.


Have a look during a timeline next and a Wearable Hub for additional Android Wear pieces and pieces – some-more incoming soon!

Article source: http://www.slashgear.com/google-just-gave-android-wear-a-feature-jolt-20379845/

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