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Google merging Chrome OS and Android? Not so fast

On Thursday, a The Wall Street Journal published a news claiming that Google is in a routine of merging a dual handling systems: Chrome OS and Android.

According to a Journal’s sources, Chrome OS would stop to exist after being folded into Android someday in 2017. Combining a dual handling systems has been in a works for scarcely dual years, a news said.

Google’s Chrome OS runs on laptop and desktop computers, and has gained traction in a preparation sector. Android powers 1.4 billion smartphones, tablets, and watches.

Shortly after a Journal’s story appeared, Google’s newly allocated comparison clamp boss for Android and Chrome, Hiroshi Lockheimer, took to Twitter to rebut a Journal’s report, stating, “We are really committed to Chrome OS.”

A Google orator has given reliable to Fortune that a association intends to keep Chrome OS around for a foreseeable future, and is still posterior Chromebook partnerships, privately in education.

Despite assurances (likely directed to ease a fears among stream and intensity partners), doing divided with Chrome OS in preference of Android isn’t such a bad thought since of how successful Android has become.

If anything, it’s a pierce that’s been foreshadowed for a past dual years. First with Google adding a ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS, and second with Chrome OS adopting a some-more touch-friendly interface in 2-in–1 Chromebooks that can be remade into something same to a tablet.

In fact, we remarkable a similarities in my examination of a ASUS Chromebook Flip behind in Jul saying, ”I can’t assistance though consternation when a association will offer users a Chrome OS tablet.”

The dual platforms would advantage from borrowing facilities from one another, such as bringing Chrome OS’s multitasking-experience to Android, and adding a Play Store (with a 1.75 million Android apps) to Chrome OS. Furthermore, Android would advantage from Chrome OS’s confidence features, that would seaside adult an area in that a mobile height has prolonged struggled.

Combining dual handling systems, one designed for a incomparable shade and a other for mobile devices, isn’t unheard of. Microsoft

joined a desktop and mobile platforms with Windows 10 in an bid to streamline a user knowledge opposite all Windows devices. Microsoft also supposing developers with collection to emanate concept apps, that will run on any Windows 10 device — be it a mechanism or a smartphone.

On a other hand, Apple has settled it has no skeleton to combine iOS and OS X into one platform.

Google’s discerning response to a Journal news can be taken one of dual ways: Google truly is committed to Chrome OS distant over 2017, and maybe is usually questioning a logistics of a hybrid OS. Or a association does devise to overlay Chrome OS into Android, though it doesn’t wish a height to remove movement in a interim.

For some-more about Google Chrome, watch this Fortune video:

Article source: http://fortune.com/2015/10/30/google-chrome-os-android-merger/

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