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Google Might Not Merge Android And Chrome After All – Android Headlines

Chrome OS has been around for a prolonged time now, and some people would contend that it hasn’t developed to a indicate it should have. Google has envisioned this OS as internet usually handling system, and even yet it gained utterly a few offline features, it’s still flattering most an interent OS, if we can call it that. we privately use a Chromebook for a prolonged time now, and it’s utterly singular in some ways, yet in other ways it’s truly great, it all depends on who’s regulating it and what that chairman wants to use it for. Chromebook sales have been right where Google approaching them to be, and it seems like a association has no issues as distant as that is concerned.

That being said, a report surfaced yesterday, saying that Chrome OS competence get engrossed by Android in 2017. The news has also settled that we competence see initial editions of a joined OS subsequent year. This, of course, managed to emanate a lot of engaging questions and conversations all over a internet. Well, we do have some new info on a matter, even yet it’s not accurately a approach construction or anything of a sort, review on.

Google’s VP of Engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer, conspicuous a following on Twitter yesterday: ”There’s a ton of movement for Chromebooks and we are really committed to Chrome OS. we only bought dual for my kids for schoolwork!” Now, this was posted yesterday, and deliberation a timing, it competence have something to do with a news that flush yesterday as well. If Mr. Lockheimer is to be believed, Chrome OS as a section isn’t going anywhere. This, of course, is not a approach confirmation, or construction of any sort, yet it’s during slightest something. There’s always a possibility that Google will combine a dual OS’ during some point, in that box we competence get some joint between Google’s mobile and desktop software, not that they’re not communicating with any during a moment, yet it would be distant some-more conspicuous if Google opts to combine a two. This certain is interesting, and it stays to be seen what is Google’s subsequent step here.

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Article source: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2015/10/google-might-not-merge-android-chrome.html

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