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Google mobile hunt now highlights a ‘carousel’ of new news stories

If you’ve achieved a hunt regulating Google mobile today, you’ve substantially beheld that something is a small different. Now, when users search for a topic, they can corkscrew down to see a “carousel” of new articles, videos or some-more on that subject.

“Whether you’re looking for a latest clips from The Daily Show, news about a probability of Greece withdrawal a Eurozone, or highlights from today’s Panthers diversion opposite a Canadiens, it can be tough to differentiate by all a good videos, articles and some-more out there to find what interests you,” Google wrote on a official hunt blog post introducing a feature.

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To assistance streamline a acid process, a rotating  carousel provides a “freshest and many applicable content” from a singular source. And a technique works for particular websites as well. For instance, acid for “NPR” will move adult a revolution of all the latest articles and videos on a NPR website. TechCrunch reports that this underline relates to keyword searches as well.

While not each website has this functionality opposite a house yet, Google claims that they are operative on adding sites, and that new ones will seem “soon.”

With an augmenting series of users accessing Google hunt by their mobile devices, this creation should be a acquire one. It should also assistance heed Google’s product from competing hunt engines like Yahoo or Bing.

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Article source: http://natmonitor.com/2015/02/20/google-mobile-search-now-highlights-a-carousel-of-recent-news-stories/

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