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Google Now Is The Killer App For Android Wear

Google’s I/O keynote might have been a bit of a variety of opposite product announcements — many of that won’t be permitted until after this year — yet Android Wear was what many people in a assembly wanted to hear about. While there is copiousness of Android in Google’s smartwatch handling complement and while developers will be means to rise apps privately for it, Wear in a stream form is essentially about bringing Google Now notifications to your wrist.

While I’ve had Google Now on my phone for a prolonged time now, a some-more we use Wear, a some-more we feel like it was custom-made for Google Now. Indeed, this is a initial time we unequivocally feel Now is living up to a promise. It’s also a initial time we find myself profitable full courtesy to Now, notwithstanding a inflection on Android before.

CaptureAndroid Wear, of course, also shows we all of your notifications from your phone (and when they are interactive, Wear will automatically impersonate those, too). You could pull all of your phone notifications to your watch, yet that would be overkill. Thankfully, Google lets we select that applications can pull to Wear. But a many useful underline — and maybe a torpedo underline altogether — is unequivocally easy entrance to Google Now.

At this point, everybody is flattering many informed with Google Now, yet there is something essentially opposite between regulating it on your phone and on your wrist. Sure, a goal is a same on both platforms: Google wants to give we a right information during a right time. When you’re during work, it shows we a expostulate time to home. Got an appointment somewhere else? It’ll uncover we when to leave. At a airport? It’ll uncover we a barcode for your boarding pass. It’s one thing for that information to be permitted on your phone, yet on your wrist, it unexpected becomes so many some-more accessible.

now_wearThat is, of course, usually when Google Now gets it right — and many of a time, it does. The association has been operative tough on bringing some-more information to Now and that has done it quite a bit some-more useful by frequently adding some-more information and new cards to it. Some cards that Google shows on a phone don’t make clarity on Wear (links for topics we recently hunt for, for example) and those thankfully never make it to a watch.

Wear doesn’t always get it right, though. If we finish adult swiping a continue label divided by mistake, for example, we can’t simply get it back. That’s a elemental problem with Wear — and maybe a usually one that unequivocally annoys me. For Google Now, during least, it’d be good to have an easy approach to flip by all of your cards during all times.

Just like Google Now brings together a series of Google’s services into one product, Wear has a identical feel to it. It’s a brew of what it has schooled from Android and a ecosystem, a advances in voice approval and a newly found pattern chops.

All of that comes together to move Google Now to your wrist, and while that might sound like a teenager thing, it’s indeed a really useful experience. Whether that’s value $200 to we is a opposite question, but after regulating Wear for a bit some-more than a week now, we can indeed see myself wearing one of these watches going brazen — and before this we hadn’t worn a watch for during slightest a decade.

In a subsequent few months, Google will get some foe from Microsoft, Apple and a few startups in this space. For improved or worse, nothing of them know as many about we as Google does, so it’ll be tough for them to replicate a Google Now experience. That should give Google a bit of an corner opposite a foe — unless a iWatch turns out to be so extraordinary that people will buy it even if it only shows a time and phone notifications.

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/05/google-now-is-the-killer-app-for-android-wear/

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