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Google succumbs to Star Wars heat with apps makeover


Dark or light? Which side will we choose?


The star is solemnly succumbing to Star Wars heat once again, and not even Google is immune.

The tech titan published a Star Wars website on Monday that lets users select their side in a conflict to control a Galactic Empire and that transforms their Google apps to fit their allegiance. The Google Maps app, for example, will uncover your plcae not with a normal arrow impression though with a Rebellion X-wing booster or hostile TIE fighter.

Built in and with Lucasfilm and Disney, Star Wars Google will keep morphing and removing new facilities until a latest film, “The Force Awakens,” comes out in cinemas. Google has even left so distant as to guarantee a practical existence Millennium Falcon, so you’d improved get your Google Cardboard headsets ready.

Coolest vehicles in a Star Wars universe…






Star Wars fans will positively tumble hook, line and sinker for Google’s promo forward of a film’s release. It’s been 10 years given a film was expelled as partial of a franchise, and “The Force Awakens” could offer as a gateway for a whole new era of fans. Google’s effort, however, feels like it’s directly directed during those who already are fans, with Easter eggs and crafty references sprinkled via a user experience.

The Star Wars star is a selling juggernaut that interest to an assembly of millions, so it’s no warn Google wants to get in on a action. But it’s transparent that some-more motives than only commercialism encouraged Google’s project.

Google gave Star Wars fans in a engineering staff giveaway energy to tweak and enhance Google, pronounced Google VP of Product Management Clay Bavor in his blog post introducing google.com/starwars, explaining that a Mountain View, California association is abundant with dedicated Star Wars fans.

“You can frequently mark Darth Vaders, dogs dressed like Yoda, and even a occasional stormtrooper roaming a halls of a information centers (probably still looking for those droids),” Bavor wrote.

Google’s Star Wars site seems to be a approach of bringing several ideas from a company’s fans together in one place. Without spoiling too many of a surprises, we will find a recover date for “The Force Awakens” in your calendar, and we might notice your Gmail is looking a small different. Also check out a Street View male in Google Maps — he’s no longer a informed mustard-hued fellow.

It’s ideally probable to change your devotion if after personification along with a good guys we wish to take Darth Vader’s recommendation and feel a energy of a dim side. And if you’ve had adequate Star Wars informative immersion, we can switch it off altogether. The facilities will sojourn accessible until 1 February.

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/news/google-apps-get-a-star-wars-makeover/

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