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Google to lift Chrome block on Windows XP during year’s end

Google on Thursday announced it will close down support for Chrome on Windows XP during a finish of a year.

“We will continue to yield unchanging updates and confidence rags to Chrome on XP by a finish of 2015,” pronounced Mark Larson, Chrome’s executive of engineering, in a brief blog post Thursday.

A year and a half ago, Larson affianced to support Chrome on a even-then-aged handling complement until “at slightest Apr 2015.”

“We know that not everybody can simply switch to a newer handling system,” Larson pronounced of Google’s preference to continue ancillary Chrome on XP after a latter’s retirement. “Millions of people are still operative on XP computers each day [and] we wish those people to have a choice to use a browser that’s present and as protected as probable on an unsupported handling system.”

But adequate was apparently enough.

Microsoft called it quits on Windows XP a year ago Tuesday, when it released a final scheduled confidence updates for a 2001 OS. (The association done a one-time exception shortly afterward when it shipped an puncture patch for a Internet Explorer (IE) browser.)

Because Microsoft halted confidence fixes for IE on Windows XP on Apr 14, 2014, confidence professionals urged a OS’s users to switch to another browser. Dropping IE for Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox or Opera Software’s Opera was one approach to minimize — though not discharge — risk, they said.

Neither Mozilla or Opera have publicized end-of-support dates for their browsers on Windows XP.

According to Web metrics businessman Net Applications, approximately 18.5% of all Windows PCs ran XP in March, somewhat some-more than half a 34.5% a OS accounted for in Oct 2013, when Larson set Chrome’s beginning support passing during this month.

Article source: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2911353/google-to-pull-chrome-plug-on-windows-xp-at-years-end.html

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