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Google TUGS Nexus 7-INCHER chunk from online store

Fandroids might be anguish a remarkable genocide of Google’s Nexus 7 chunk today, after a world’s largest ad attorney yanked a device from a online shopfront.

A revisit to a Google Store reveals that a inscription has now been axed.

Anyone who searches for a Nexus 7 will be told that it “is no longer accessible for purchase.”

Readers might recall that a Nexus 7 fondleslab, that initial seemed on a marketplace behind in 2012, suffered ice-cold headaches after Google expelled a vital Android update, codenamed Lollipop, in Nov final year.

Plenty of folk grumbled that a ascent had done a tabs unusable.

Google has now distanced itself even serve from a 7-incher by murdering sales of a chunk around a online store.

But a Nexus 7 is still being sole in apparent places elsewhere on a interwebulator – we only have to know where to look. ®

Network DDoS protection

Article source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/04/25/google_ends_nexus_7/

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