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Google’s Lack Of Product Isolation Would Support A Chrome OS And Android Merge

Chrome OS, a “cloud” handling complement that Google introduced for laptops, and Android, a handling complement on phones and tablets, competence spin one, according to a news by a Wall Street Journal. The “folding” could occur as early as subsequent year…could be introduced during subsequent year’s I/O…or not.

I’ve oral to sources over a past few years about it, and some played a “one could imagine” diversion when deliberating a “merger” of a dual projects. The gibberish increasing when Android co-founder Andy Rubin left a company final year.

What we do know is that conjunction handling complement is being “killed off.”

Here’s a deal. Mobile manners a world, and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai (he formerly oversaw Chrome, Chrome OS, Apps and combined Android to his reach in 2013) stated as such during Alphabet’s new gain call. It’s no secret. There are elements of Android that make it a distant higher handling complement than Chrome OS. But we know what? Chrome OS does a ruin of a pursuit relying on Google’s browser, that is by a distant a tip browser among internetters.

Sundar_Pichai_(cropped)What Chrome OS lacks is local apps, and that’s what gets developers vehement and consumer’s minds swirling about possibilities. In fact, Chrome OS is utterly boring. So tedious that schools adore them. Big companies are holding a demeanour during them. Because of Google Apps. Chrome OS always felt like it could be a “mode” that we should be means to spin on within Android. For when we had a shitty Internet tie or only wanted a unclothed skeleton to get work done. Regardless, a ecosystem is alive and well.

If Pichai’s cry for mobile, mobile, mobile weren’t enough to tip a palm that this competence happen, a announcement of a Pixel C certain was. A kinda-laptop-tablet-running-full-on-Android.

Then there’s a Fast Company article that featured Hiroshi Lockheimer (SVP Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast during Google), where this subject kinda/sorta/definitely came up:

Toward a finish of a conversation, we asked Lockheimer how most time he spent meditative about Android’s and Chrome OS’s destiny past a subsequent recover or two, and what they competence demeanour like a few years from now. we suspicion we was giving him an event to polish expressive on pie-in-the-sky stuff. Instead, he stayed practical, and pronounced that building handling systems can’t be finished in siege from a components they use and a inclination they’ll run on. Running engineering for these dual handling systems requires him to consider about all from chips to merchandising.

In a same piece, he forked to a fact that we can clear a Chrome OS laptop with an Android phone. You get a idea.

Basically, believe pity happens and learnings are known.

The whats and whens aren’t known, though we can tell we that all of a work that Google does feeds a beast. Whether products come and go or get folded into other things, a decisions come with all of a work and learnings that have been finished to behind them up. Hits feed before misses. Misses feed new hits. The association is a nesting doll when it comes to products and code, with each new thing somehow relying on a final thing.


I tend to consider of things as “all” instead of “either/or” when it comes to Google (and a mothership, Alphabet).

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/29/googles-lack-of-product-isolation-would-support-a-chrome-os-and-android-merge/

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