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Google’s YouTube to launch a new app for kids

YouTube is going after a ripe, under-tapped marketplace for a streaming giant: kids.

The online video provider owned by Google


will launch a new app called YouTube Kids to run on smartphones and tablets featuring strange episodes of renouned children’s radio shows such as “Thomas a Tank Engine” and “Sesame Street.” The app will also collect YouTube’s kid-safe channels into one location, reported a Wall Street Journal.

The giveaway mobile app will be kid-friendly — consider minimal scrolling with a big, colorful pattern — and will be apart from a incomparable YouTube universe, so relatives don’t have to worry about reduction delicious clips being simply accessible. It will also supplement a timer so relatives can emanate bounds around how prolonged kids are authorised to watch a app.

However, be aware: a app will usually work on Google Android inclination during launch, according to a Journal. So, if we have an Apple


iPad or iPhone, you’re out of fitness — during slightest for now.

YouTube will strictly announce a app on Monday during Kidscreen Summit, a discussion for a children’s party industry, a paper said.

Article source: http://fortune.com/2015/02/20/youtube-app-google-kids/

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